Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yahoo, fascism and the web

Over the last fifteen years that I have been surfing web based providers have become more fascist and less supportive of the open exchange of information.

Fascism is based on two fundamental motivators, the desire for control and the fear that information will reduce the ability of the fascist to control others.

China, for example, fears that it's populace will be encouraged to develop ideas of their own and as a result has a rigid censorship program.

Amazon recently deleted purchased content from users Kindle systems.

The Democrats in the United States have consistently claimed to want to help minorities while they systematically destroy urban educational environments. This censorship of education is consistent with their historical political positions supporting slavery, segregation and genocide.

Over the last five years Yahoo has become more and more of a fascist organization and as a result Google has prospered.

Google has always had censorship. While the censorship at Yahoo was less than the censorship at Google Yahoo was useful. Over the last five years Yahoo has embraced fascist censorship.

For over a year I have been trying to delete my Yahoo account. Yahoo refuses to delete my account, probably because I have had it so long and they want to skew their statistics in favor of long term users. By refusing to delete older accounts Yahoo can skew statistical use of their website.

Like all fascism the fascism on the web will eventually fail.

Two thousand years ago Rome began sliding toward elitist fascism. Common people's opinions were ignored, they were supported by the state. Julius Caesar attempted to take Rome back to a time when the common person's opinion mattered and he was murdered by the elitists on the floor of the Roman Senate. The elitists in Rome censored information, twisting it to suit their ideology. The elitists stripped the military preferring to negotiate from a position of political and military weakness. Rome fell as its neighbors learned of its weakness and began doing less and less business.

Eventually the failure to support military action in Vietnam and the failure to respond militarily to the actions of Iran in the late 1970's will become the historical turning point in the fall of the United States and the beginning of a slide into fascism and eventual fall.

The fascism of the web service providers like Google and Yahoo will be major indicators. The fascism of the Obama administration will become the point at which the slide takes a steep downward trend into censorship and fascism.

How many fascists out there think that ?shutting up? people you and your friends disagreed with is just good for everyone. Fascists never think of themselves as fascists.

Even Saddam Hussein thought he was a good person.

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Sam Spade said...

my experience is the same, if you're able to effectively communicate and/or dispel the leftist propaganda...you're banned

can't even comment on the garbage that shows up via their search engine screens.

wasn't long before alternate gmail id was also disallowed.

we got 30% of the population controlling speech on 80% of venues...fascism/censorship is the primary tool for those dependent on disinformation, who can't compete in a fair / open exchange of ideas and information.