Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gates was arrested for no good reason

The cops show up at your home, walk in and demand to see your identification. How do you react? "Oh gee officer, sure, no problem!"

Get real. Someone walks into your house uninvited and you get pissed off and demand that they leave, I don't care who it is.

In the United States cops do what they want without fear of repercussions. Police officers go to classes in how to make up "reasonable cause" for any action they want to take.

The cops arrested Gates because he was standing on his front porch yelling at them for walking into his house and treating him badly.

Gates deserves a medal for not shooting the trespassers. As far as I am concerned, someone with a gun walks into my house uninvited I should have the right to shoot them.

When we, as a society, are so afraid that we give police the right to arrest anyone for any trumped up reason we no longer have a free society. Police officers should face repercussions for arresting people.

The courts tend to side with police officers, the courts should favor the rights of the citizen until proved, PROVED, guilty.

Every time a cop arrests someone the cop should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the arrest was necessary.


Anonymous said...

The thing is, police don't randomly show up at houses if there is no reason to. The people that whine and cry about police harassment are generally the types of people who attract unwanted attention to themselves by acting obnoxiously and/or participating in criminal activities. I understand your desire for a lawless society where everyone gets to do exactly as the please. But that is not American society. We have laws to stop people from taking advantage of other people. The police enforce this. The police pay special attention to the types of people that are always causing problems and/or committing crimes. If you don't like our legal system and its enforcement, you should leave America as soon as possible and try to find another society where laws and common decency do not exist. Good day.

John D. Ayer said...

There is no logic to your opinion that "cops don't randomly show up at houses if there is no reason to". That is an opinion implying that everything a police officer does is "reasonable".

The legal system is constantly debating "reasonable" search, seizure, stop, etc. The subject is debated in court so often because police officers often do things that people do not believe are unreasonable.

By the way, the police occasionally do "wake up calls". This is where they go to a house and pound on the door to wake them up. Sometimes this is just to let the people in the house know that the cops have their "eyes on them", other times it is revenge for making a police officer look bad, as in challenging a ticket and winning.

It might surprise you, but, cops are people. Cops are not perfect and like anyone else they do "bad things".

Welcome to reality.