Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazon joins the ranks of Fascist Censors

Amazon has determined that they have the right to delete information from electronic devices that they sold to you without your permission.

Throughout time progress has always depended on the open exchange of information. Any kind of progress.

Several thousand years ago people realized this and developed repositories where accumulations of data were stored and accessible.

Because there are a lot of fascists in this world these repositories were often made exclusive institutions where ordinary people were not allowed.

Democracy changed a lot of that. In societies with democratic governments a lot of information was made available to the general population. Not all information, much of the information was still censored by fascist censorship.

Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of academic standing. Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of National Security. Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of greed.

People have a right to earn a living and the infrastructure to distribute information can cost money. This money has to come from somewhere.

Historically copying has been done on a cost vs ability to pay basis. Information was copied, either by hand or using a printing press or a copier and the cost of this copying process was born by the person wanting the copy.

The digital age has created something very different. A situation where copies cost almost nothing, pennies to create and pennies to distribute.

The entire cost of the information is in the development of the information. How much did it cost to develop the information, to edit and publish the information?

The greed of the internet age is creating a situation where people want to continue charging for the duplication and transportation even though these costs have been eliminated.

Because of the disconnect in price, demand and ability to produce there are fascists who are attempting to forcibly control the free market system in an attempt to improve their profits.

Every single time some moron, or morons, attempt to force a market to their will an uncontrolled black market develops.

This is just as true in information as it is with guns or drugs or prostitution.

To eliminate the black market the price of information has to come down to the point where people would rather pay for the information on the open market than on the black market.

Free Markets will always scare the crap out of fascists, greedy fascists or fanatical fascists, freedom always frightens fascists and fascists will always fight to censor those they disagree with, those they fear will convince others of the truth.

You can tell a fascist easily. A fascist will refuse access to information unless you meet their subjective and arbitrary criteria. If you fail to meet the subjective and arbitrary criteria of the fascist, the fascist will censor you.

Just like Amazon censored their customers.

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