Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breaking News from MSNBC: Flash Pretty Women can't be smart!

An Anchor on MSNBC mused that Sarah Palin was popular because she is "hot".

First, I really don't think Sarah Palin is "hot". Michelle Phifer is hot. There are a lot of women who are hot, Sarah Palin does not make my "hot" list. She is pretty though.

So aside from having totally different tastes in women what does this comment mean, at least to me?

In my opinion the comment proves that this moronic MSNBC Anchor thinks pretty women can't be intelligent and competent.

I dated a woman with really big breasts once. I mean really big, huge. She was over weight, but, the rest of her body was pretty much in proportion to her breasts. She was tall too, so she was a big woman. We talked about weight once and she explained that she was happier being proportionate than she was when she was thinner.

Last I heard, about ten years ago, she had gone through a breast reduction and she had lost weight to become her idea of proportionate.

I didn't think of her as being any prettier, more intelligent or more competent (she had a masters already).

As a society we have varying tastes in looks. Over time the societal idea of beauty changes and we can see that by looking at sexual icons of the last one hundred years.

As a society we tend to choose the better looking person if we believe the competence and intelligence levels are the same.

Barney Frank is evidence that ugly people can achieve positions of power and authority, at least in my opinion. I am sure there are some people out there who think Barney Frank is a hunk ;-) Liberal Demophytes have skewed ideas.

The idea that "pretty" or "hot" women can't be smart is offensive to me.

The idea that any person has to conform to societal pressures to look or dress in a specific way is offensive also, but, lets face it. Society has it's own bigotries and those are not going to change.

People who do not look "appropriate" to society in general will be shunned, long hair, pink hair, piercings, tattoos, etc. The "better" looking a person is the more likely the person is to succeed in our society.

Individuals are not society though, and we change society one person at a time.

Morons like this jerk at MSNBC need to become more tolerant of the way people look so we can develop a more tolerant society.

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