Thursday, July 30, 2009

Economy Improving, Unemployment Way UP, Consumer Spending down!

This always kills me.

Economic data has been politicized in the Obama Administration to the point where they are claiming the recession that started after the democrats took congress has bottomed out.

Orders for durable goods are steeply down. Durable goods are the things that people typically use to make consumer goods. Essentially this means business think business down the road is going to be really bad.

Consumer confidence is way down and Unemployment is way up. This data supports the durable goods orders, people won't be buying stuff that businesses won't be making.

So what is up? Home sales typically go up in the spring and summer and with the 8K tax credit people are buying existing homes. Good thing too since Obama is trying to sell government bonds to a bloated market and that will push interest rates up.

Auto sales are up for July and probably August thanks to CARS. Morons who bought gas guzzlers are getting paid for their irresponsibility while responsible people are once again getting screwed by the demophytes.

The economy is tanking. Period.

I wish it weren't. You know what they do with engineers over 40, don't you? They shoot them. If you are not in marketing or management by 40 you will eventually get tanked, after all who needs experienced engineers when they have inexperienced college grads who make less money?

Welcome to the future, where your products are designed by inexperienced people with an academic background and very little understanding of the applications of their education.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conservative Comentators and Freedom

Colin Powell had some advice, not what I would call good advice for the majority of people.

Colin Powell tells us not to get upset when cops treat us like crap, just wait until after it is over and then sue the jerk.

I guess if you have deep pockets like the commentators at or Colin Powell that makes a lot of sense.

It loses the rest of us that don't have deep enough pockets to pay an attorney to file a lawsuit against a government that is making us pay to defend them from treating us like crap.

Suppose you get treated like crap by a cop. Suppose the lawsuit is worth a million dollars. Suppose you can get 4% interest. The government, or a corporation or anyone with deep pockets, can pay some lawyer 40 grand a year just to delay the proceedings forever.

Not a big deal to morons with deep pockets. A really big deal for the rest of us.

My bottom line is, and always will be no matter how many police state supporting idiots come up with other policies, Cops should be able to defend an arrest in front of a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

If a cop cannot prove an arrest was necessary beyond a reasonable doubt, without the courts giving the cop more credibility than any other citizen, then the cop should be charged with violations of civil rights. Period.

Cops should be at least as afraid of violating someones rights as any individual is of being arrested by some cop having a crap day.

Breaking News from MSNBC: Flash Pretty Women can't be smart!

An Anchor on MSNBC mused that Sarah Palin was popular because she is "hot".

First, I really don't think Sarah Palin is "hot". Michelle Phifer is hot. There are a lot of women who are hot, Sarah Palin does not make my "hot" list. She is pretty though.

So aside from having totally different tastes in women what does this comment mean, at least to me?

In my opinion the comment proves that this moronic MSNBC Anchor thinks pretty women can't be intelligent and competent.

I dated a woman with really big breasts once. I mean really big, huge. She was over weight, but, the rest of her body was pretty much in proportion to her breasts. She was tall too, so she was a big woman. We talked about weight once and she explained that she was happier being proportionate than she was when she was thinner.

Last I heard, about ten years ago, she had gone through a breast reduction and she had lost weight to become her idea of proportionate.

I didn't think of her as being any prettier, more intelligent or more competent (she had a masters already).

As a society we have varying tastes in looks. Over time the societal idea of beauty changes and we can see that by looking at sexual icons of the last one hundred years.

As a society we tend to choose the better looking person if we believe the competence and intelligence levels are the same.

Barney Frank is evidence that ugly people can achieve positions of power and authority, at least in my opinion. I am sure there are some people out there who think Barney Frank is a hunk ;-) Liberal Demophytes have skewed ideas.

The idea that "pretty" or "hot" women can't be smart is offensive to me.

The idea that any person has to conform to societal pressures to look or dress in a specific way is offensive also, but, lets face it. Society has it's own bigotries and those are not going to change.

People who do not look "appropriate" to society in general will be shunned, long hair, pink hair, piercings, tattoos, etc. The "better" looking a person is the more likely the person is to succeed in our society.

Individuals are not society though, and we change society one person at a time.

Morons like this jerk at MSNBC need to become more tolerant of the way people look so we can develop a more tolerant society.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lance Armstrong, Greg LeMond and people in general

I don't think of Lance Armstrong as a hero. Over the years Lance Armstrong has done some pretty despicable things that have been publicized and I am sure he has done rotten things that are not public.

I don't think of Greg LeMond as a hero either.

When you read about these two athletes there are pretty poor things about both of them. Both of them have achieved great things in cycling.

In my opinion neither of these men are heros. Neither of these men are saints. Neither of these guys are my first choice for a euchre partner on a Saturday night.

They are both great US cycling champions.

Of the two I think of Lance Armstrong as being the better cyclist, the more skilled cyclist.

In my opinion Greg LeMond comes across as being pretty bitter, but, having never met the man I really can't say.

I believe that Greg LeMond, Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis are great US cyclists. Period.

So everyone. quit the damn whining and celebrate the wins.

Gates Arrest and Racism

Want to bet that if we carefully examine Crowley's record we can find a similar experience with a white guy where the white didn't end up in jail?

It would be harder to find because Crowley would probably not have even written a report about it.

Cops know that an arrest will be held against a person if they are later arrested for something different and as a result they only arrest people for tripe charges that they believe will be arrested again or that they want to embarrass.

Any cop telling you any different is just covering with a blue shield.

Gates was treated like crap and arrested because he was black and nothing anyone tells me will make me believe any different.

I don't care if Crowley were black. Racial profiling is something so ingrained in police work that it is impossible to separate the racial stereotypes from the racial profile.

Gates arrest is a perfect example of racial stereotyping. The black guy is arrested. Period.

If Obama were not a ball-less wonder he would point this corruption of police in the United States out to the world.

If a cop cannot prove to a jury that an arrest was necessary to preserve public safety the cop should be arrested and convicted of civil rights violations. Period.

Cops will whine and fascists will insist that holding cops accountable to the same standards as private citizens is ridiculous.

Cops should be at least as afraid of arresting innocent people as people are of being arrested.

Where the idea is that you always have to be polite to a cop no matter how the cop treats you, you live in a police state.

Team Astana Dominates Le Tour

The Tour de France is THE bicycle race. Sure, there are older well established races (The Catford Cycling Club Hill Climb, 1887) in the world. There are longer races like the Race Across America (about 3000 miles). There is no other race in the world that comes close to Le Tour.

This year Lance Armstrong took third place in Le Tour. Team Astana, the team both Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador rode for, dominated the race from start to finish with the only dark spot in the team being the withdrawal of Levi Leipheimer after he broke his arm.

This is Lance Armstrong's first loss in Le Tour since his first win in 1999. Lance Armstrong is 37 years old and had he won he would have been the oldest man to ever win the tour. Older men do not win Le Tour because it is an incredible test of endurance, skill and strength. Of those three attributes older men can only lay claim to skill. Youthful riders claim the attributes of endurance and the strength and this years win by Alberto Contador proves this well known maxim once again.

For a 37 year old man to finish third in Le Tour is nothing to be ashamed of. Lance Armstrong was a long shot from the start. Had he won the same inconsistencies in the handling and evaluation of Floyd Landis's urine samples would have plagued Lance Armstrong. It has become obvious that the strained political relationship between France and the United States has taken it's toll on Le Tour officials to the detriment of Le Tour.

Floyd Landis is accused of having slightly elevated testosterone levels after completing stage 17 in the 2006 Le Tour. There are well documented inconsistencies in the handling and evaluation of Floyd Landis's urine samples. The supposed reason that Floyd Landis was stripped of his title is that Le Tour officials did not believe a man who suffered such a debilitating injury could finish Le Tour without drugs.

Amazingly Le Tour has 21 stages and supposedly Floyd Landis completed them with a debilitating injury and the only day he took drugs was the day right after the injury. Imagine completing four difficult rides in excess of 100 miles without drugs, stage 18, 19, 20 and 21 with a debilitating injury.

Obviously he had to cheat, right?

If Lance Armstrong had won Le Tour the same logic would have applied to him and the same well documented inconsistencies in the handling and evaluation would have suddenly occurred.

Le Tour is the greatest bicycle race in the world and as such it has become a political football where riders are attacked because of the political beliefs of Le Tour officials.

It sucks, but, such is life. Le Tour will still be the greatest bicycle race and Lance Armstrong the greatest bicycle racer of all time.

Not because Lance Armstrong is the fastest, or the strongest, but because Lance Armstrong is the most skilled.

Watch Team Radio Shack next year and I bet Lance Armstrong goes for the win to become the oldest bicycle racer ever to take Le Tour.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Derrick Jansen and stupidity

Derek Jansen is a anarchist-environmentalist who advocates violence against ?CEO? types. Essentially he is just another fascist with a cause that he believes is righteous. I doubt if the guy picks up the pedal reflectors that fall off mountain bikes while he hikes the way I do. That would be productive, and it would make the world a better place. This guy writes books and propagandizes his fascist ideology.

There is something that Derrick Jansen and I agree on and that is pacifism is a bunch of tripe. Nature is violent. There are tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, lightening, thunder, earthquakes and asteroids raining down from the skies. Violence does accomplish something, very often a renewal. A direct quote from Derek Jansen is ?Violence is very effective.?

There is something that Derrick Jansen and I disagree on. Jansen thinks industrial civilization is inherently unsustainable. I think fascism is inherently unsustainable.

Fascism is the idea that people must be forced to follow specific ideologies, environmentalism, communism, democracy, religious ideology, whatever.

Derek Jansen thinks he can force ?CEOs? to relinquish their power using violence.


People have power because we as people give it to them. Period.

Even in fascist societies the population gives specific people power over them. When enough people get tired of the monarchy, dictatorship, democracy, whatever, they rebel and that form of government ends.

The majority of people have to agree to either:
1: Stand by and do nothing as violent acts are committed.
2: Join one side or the other.

Take Iraq. The United States put together a political coalition of nations which supported military action in Iraq. A bunch of morons propagandized, ?well, they really are not actually fighting so it really isn't support.? Horsecrap again. Political support is often much more important than material support.

Any person with even a minimal understanding of Iraq's political history can tell you that after Saddam Hussein died Iraq would have turned into a political free for all, fighting between various factions and eventual disaster for the United States.

Iraq was already in the midst of a civil war being fought between the Kurds in the north and Saddam Hussein's regime. By removing Saddam Hussein the United States reduced the probability of future turmoil and made the world a safer place.

Morons, like the fascist Derek Jansen, figure they can twist words and make people believe that just because they are right they can force people to their ideology and it is not fascism. Fascisim becomes the other guy forcing people to his way, not the ?right people? forcing people to the ?right way?.

Stupid horsecrap.

There are times, like Iraq and Afghanistan where we have to fight. There are scumbags who want you dead for their own reasons and you have every right to defend yourself. Unfortunately it is always the majority that decides the course. Charismatic people can con the majority for a short time, the way Hitler did in Germany, but, those organizations always fall apart when the majority ceases supporting them. Sometimes, as in Rome, it takes a several hundred years for the elitist, intellectual fascists to be totally destroyed as they were in Rome. Usually the fall is much quicker.

The majority of people in the United States elected the moron Obama to the presidency. I often disagree with the majority.

I do not dispute that the majority always decides the direction of civilization.

Check out Jansen on You Tube if you want an understanding of what the new fascists are preaching.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama, what a loser

Just when I thought I could have the tiniest little bit of respect for our bone headed moron of a president he caves like an over cooked souffle.

I have opinions, I give a rats ass if anyone else agrees with me. I read and listen to other peoples opinions. Some I think are total crap and some I think are reasonable and I would bet not one of those opinionated people gives a rats ass if I agree with them.

I express my opinion and I educate myself on the opinions of others so that we can learn from each other. While I don't give a rats ass if you agree or disagree with me I do care if you and I exchange ideas and learn from each other.

So what did I learn from Obama, the flopping little fish out of water?

That he thinks cops who arrest people for no reason are stupid and that he caves at the slightest controversy.

Police should be afraid to arrest people. People should not be afraid of being arrested.

Some people are going to be pissed because I didn't put a qualifier in there. Tough.

The prisons are filled with innocent people, literally. Far more people who should never have been arrested are never prosecuted and they are released.

Cops and prosecutors will hold an arrest, no matter how unwarranted against a person. Cops have told me that it doesn't matter if the scum bag did what they are accused of, they did something at some time so they deserve to be arrested and stuck in jail.

No one is innocent.

So I have been told, by cops.

Instead of trying to take the United States away from a police state where a cop with a shit attitude can treat you like crap and then arrest you for no reason what so ever the flip-flopping moron in the white house hung his friend out to dry.

Cops everywhere will probably go beat some minority kid to death for no reason except to celebrate their latest police state victory.

As far as I am concerned, if a cop can't prove to a jury that an arrest was necessary beyond a reasonable doubt the cop should be charged with a civil rights violation.

Our dip stick president probably believes that too, but he is too cowardly to express his own opinion without crawling into a hole with his tail between his legs.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gates was arrested for no good reason

The cops show up at your home, walk in and demand to see your identification. How do you react? "Oh gee officer, sure, no problem!"

Get real. Someone walks into your house uninvited and you get pissed off and demand that they leave, I don't care who it is.

In the United States cops do what they want without fear of repercussions. Police officers go to classes in how to make up "reasonable cause" for any action they want to take.

The cops arrested Gates because he was standing on his front porch yelling at them for walking into his house and treating him badly.

Gates deserves a medal for not shooting the trespassers. As far as I am concerned, someone with a gun walks into my house uninvited I should have the right to shoot them.

When we, as a society, are so afraid that we give police the right to arrest anyone for any trumped up reason we no longer have a free society. Police officers should face repercussions for arresting people.

The courts tend to side with police officers, the courts should favor the rights of the citizen until proved, PROVED, guilty.

Every time a cop arrests someone the cop should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the arrest was necessary.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yahoo, fascism and the web

Over the last fifteen years that I have been surfing web based providers have become more fascist and less supportive of the open exchange of information.

Fascism is based on two fundamental motivators, the desire for control and the fear that information will reduce the ability of the fascist to control others.

China, for example, fears that it's populace will be encouraged to develop ideas of their own and as a result has a rigid censorship program.

Amazon recently deleted purchased content from users Kindle systems.

The Democrats in the United States have consistently claimed to want to help minorities while they systematically destroy urban educational environments. This censorship of education is consistent with their historical political positions supporting slavery, segregation and genocide.

Over the last five years Yahoo has become more and more of a fascist organization and as a result Google has prospered.

Google has always had censorship. While the censorship at Yahoo was less than the censorship at Google Yahoo was useful. Over the last five years Yahoo has embraced fascist censorship.

For over a year I have been trying to delete my Yahoo account. Yahoo refuses to delete my account, probably because I have had it so long and they want to skew their statistics in favor of long term users. By refusing to delete older accounts Yahoo can skew statistical use of their website.

Like all fascism the fascism on the web will eventually fail.

Two thousand years ago Rome began sliding toward elitist fascism. Common people's opinions were ignored, they were supported by the state. Julius Caesar attempted to take Rome back to a time when the common person's opinion mattered and he was murdered by the elitists on the floor of the Roman Senate. The elitists in Rome censored information, twisting it to suit their ideology. The elitists stripped the military preferring to negotiate from a position of political and military weakness. Rome fell as its neighbors learned of its weakness and began doing less and less business.

Eventually the failure to support military action in Vietnam and the failure to respond militarily to the actions of Iran in the late 1970's will become the historical turning point in the fall of the United States and the beginning of a slide into fascism and eventual fall.

The fascism of the web service providers like Google and Yahoo will be major indicators. The fascism of the Obama administration will become the point at which the slide takes a steep downward trend into censorship and fascism.

How many fascists out there think that ?shutting up? people you and your friends disagreed with is just good for everyone. Fascists never think of themselves as fascists.

Even Saddam Hussein thought he was a good person.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazon joins the ranks of Fascist Censors

Amazon has determined that they have the right to delete information from electronic devices that they sold to you without your permission.

Throughout time progress has always depended on the open exchange of information. Any kind of progress.

Several thousand years ago people realized this and developed repositories where accumulations of data were stored and accessible.

Because there are a lot of fascists in this world these repositories were often made exclusive institutions where ordinary people were not allowed.

Democracy changed a lot of that. In societies with democratic governments a lot of information was made available to the general population. Not all information, much of the information was still censored by fascist censorship.

Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of academic standing. Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of National Security. Sometimes this fascist censorship comes in the form of greed.

People have a right to earn a living and the infrastructure to distribute information can cost money. This money has to come from somewhere.

Historically copying has been done on a cost vs ability to pay basis. Information was copied, either by hand or using a printing press or a copier and the cost of this copying process was born by the person wanting the copy.

The digital age has created something very different. A situation where copies cost almost nothing, pennies to create and pennies to distribute.

The entire cost of the information is in the development of the information. How much did it cost to develop the information, to edit and publish the information?

The greed of the internet age is creating a situation where people want to continue charging for the duplication and transportation even though these costs have been eliminated.

Because of the disconnect in price, demand and ability to produce there are fascists who are attempting to forcibly control the free market system in an attempt to improve their profits.

Every single time some moron, or morons, attempt to force a market to their will an uncontrolled black market develops.

This is just as true in information as it is with guns or drugs or prostitution.

To eliminate the black market the price of information has to come down to the point where people would rather pay for the information on the open market than on the black market.

Free Markets will always scare the crap out of fascists, greedy fascists or fanatical fascists, freedom always frightens fascists and fascists will always fight to censor those they disagree with, those they fear will convince others of the truth.

You can tell a fascist easily. A fascist will refuse access to information unless you meet their subjective and arbitrary criteria. If you fail to meet the subjective and arbitrary criteria of the fascist, the fascist will censor you.

Just like Amazon censored their customers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

British Coffins and Politics

The Wall Street Journal has an article worth reading.

The name of the article is "British Coffins Raise Ire over Afghan Push".

This is a good story about how people in the UK react to the deaths of their soldiers. The soldiers are moved from an airbase, through a town to a coroners office.

People line the streets to grieve the fallen.

This isn't a protest or a photo op for pro or anti war politicians.

It is just people honoring the fallen soldiers.

Don't I wish we could do that in the United States without some scumbag turning it into a political joke.

Another Democrat convicted of corruption

On July 14th former State Senator Vincent Fumo (D) was convicted of corruption.

Interestingly very few news articles mention the fact that this corrupt individual who used his position to steal millions is a Democrat.

After being convicted the Democrat had this to say:

"Judge, I never intended to steal. The last thing on my mind was taking money from anybody. I've never done that."

Of course the judge believed him so he only received 5 years in prison for his many years of corruption.

The Pro-Slavery party is the Party of Corruption.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Democrats attempt to re-write history, again. (will they ever live in reality?)

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. His father was a Republican.

So why do people believe that Dr. King was a Democrat or supported the Democrats?

In 1964 Barry Goldwater was selected as the Republican candidate for President. Goldwater had started a Planned Parenthood clinic with his wife. Goldwater embraced equal rights for homosexuals. These were issues that Dr. King stood firmly against, especially abortion.

Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics were originally started as Eugenics programs and Dr. King was well aware of this. Barry Goldwater, a long time supporter of equal rights for minorities and women, had not started the Planned Parenthood clinic for racist reasons and Dr. King knew this. Dr. King believed that organizations like Planned Parenthood supported the racist Eugenics agenda.

As a result Dr. King took a stand against Barry Goldwater and his position on Abortion and Gay Rights.

The uneducated masses don't understand these basic issues. The sheep don't understand they support the pro-slavery, pro-segregationist Democrats.

In their minds, as in the minds of pre-WW2 German's, they are supporting what is best for their nation and not some genocidal political party.

There is one big difference.

The NAZI party had not committed a genocide before.

The Democrats have caused at least two genocides in the United States, a genocide of Blacks and a genocide of Native Americans.

The sheep would rather live in a fantasy than face the genocidal truth that they support the pro-slavery political party.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite trick of the pro-slavery democrats

Democrats have been hiring people to do crazy things for years. One of the most popular old, and well documented, tricks is to hire someone to get caught while defacing your campaign posters.

The vandal admits he was hired to deface the posters and everyone assumes it was someone on the opposite side.

This is the assumption everyone made during Watergate. Nixon tried to cover up the Watergate break in, but, there is still no evidence he had anything to do with the actual break in. Nixon and J Edgar Hover hated each other and there were two FBI agents involved in Watergate. One with the break in and one giving information to a couple of cub reporters.

Scooter Libby is doing time for lying even though there is no evidence Valerie Plame was ever a covert agent.

A woman is cut up during the Obama campaign and is charged with doing it herself.

An abortion activist disrupts a meeting.

I have to wonder about these things.

Sure, it sounds just like a bad Hollywood movie plot.

Who are some of the biggest supporters of the Pro-Slavery party? Those same idiots who think up those crazy Holly movie plots.

Me thinks I smell a rat in so many of these coincidences. Being an engineer I don't believe much in coincidences.

When the nuts thinking up conspiracy plots for dumb movies are supporting a candidate and crazy things that sound like bad movie plots are happening I really have to wonder.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breaking crap! Mysterious CIA program kept hidden!

The Obama administration is politicizing the intelligence services and creating fear in the minds of the sheep following the pro-slavery party.

Supposedly Dick Cheney directed the CIA to keep a program hidden from Congress.

But no one knows what the program is.

Because it is a secret.

But it isn't a secret because everyone knows there is a secret, even though no one knows what the secret is.

The BBC even reported this tripe secret that isn't a secret but no one knows what the secret is.

Leon Panetta blew this whistle so it either is secret or it is not secret.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden tells us there is no secret.

The CIA has more holes in it than a colander. You know what a colander is, it is the thing cooks use to drain pasta after boiling it.

The CIA is torturing people, the CIA isn't torturing people. The CIA is spying on people in the US, the CIA isn't spying on people in the US. There is proof, but there isn't.

For the last six years the CIA has been a political football with more holes in it than a colander.

Some moron writes a report, someone sends a Cheney aide to prison for lying, but, not for releasing the name of a covert CIA operative.

The only thing all this tripe proves to me is that:

US Intelligence gathering is being hampered by politicization of their operations.

The Slave Party is trying to make people fear their own government, just like they had slaves so afraid of the United States that slaves fought for the Confederacy.

Like any con artist the Slave Party is accusing their rivals of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.

The Dems took Congress in 2006, by the end of 2007 we were in a recession. Why? Because stability is important.

President Bush did everything he could to create stability in the United States. The Democrats have done everything to de-stabilize the United States.

The economy is based on political stability people. If you want change you are going to destabilize the economy.

The recession is going to last for years because the slave mongering Democrats are doing everything they can to destabilize politics in the United States with crap like this Mysterious CIA secret program.

When is it time to be afraid?

When the genocidal pro-slavery party is in control and the anti-slavery party is losing ground.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cortisol and Phosphatidyl serine

A few weeks ago my doctor told me to start checking my blood sugar and to my surprise it was lowest before I went to bed and actually pretty high in the morning. The last few years my doctor has been after me to do a sleep study and I had already scheduled it when I found out about my strange blood sugar.

About a week before the sleep test I started taking Phosphatidyl serine. I did some research on the web and discovered that when your body over produces cortisol because of physiological stress caused by things like sleep apnea your blood pressure becomes uncontrollable, your blood sugar goes out of wack and you can't loose weight no matter what your diet or how much you exercise. These are three symptoms I have had for the last five years.

I googled "reduce cortisol" and found some really stupid pseudo science and several good articles. One of the dumber articles explained that all cortisol problems were caused by fear. That is total garbage, cortisol is caused by physiological stress which can be caused by things like over excercising. I suppose fear could drive someone to over exercise, but, in my experience desire is the motivator for exercise.

There were some good recommendations for reducing cortisol in the articles. Most of the better articles recommended a dietary supplement called phosphatidyl serine. I purchased a bottle of 60 100mg capsules and tested it. Without changing my diet or increasing my activity level at all I lost 7 pounds in a week. Within three days of taking the phosphatidyl serine my morning blood sugar dropped from 178 in the morning to 138. I have not had a morning blood sugar over 140 and typically it is between 110 and 120. My bedtime blood sugar is typically under 100. Over the last three weeks I have lost a total of 17 pounds going from 295 to 278 this morning.

Cortisol prevents your body from burning accumulated fat. Suppose you eat a light breakfast (500 calories or less), a light lunch (500 calories or less) and a heavier dinner (1000 calories). You are busy during the day so your body burns the calories from breakfast and lunch as it digests them, but, after dinner you are less busy and so your body does not burn all of the calories you ate as you digest them and instead your body converts them to fat.

The cortisol lowers your body?s metabolism to prevent fat burning. Since your body refuses to burn fat and you do not have any calories digesting your body actually begins starving itself. In fact, rather than burn fat your body will burn muscle if your cortisol levels are out of wack. You can eat a 2000 calorie a day diet and burn 2000 calories a day, if you don?t make the calories into multiple smaller meals you will gain weight and burn muscle, bone, etc. Your body will only burn fat as a very last resort IF you starve yourself.

So if your blood pressure begins to become uncontrollable, your blood sugar is lower at night than it is in the morning and you can?t lose weight even when you are following a good diet and/or exercising you should try taking an over the counter cortisol blocker like phosphatidyl serine. Phosphatidyl serine has no known side effects except lightening your wallet.

Dosages: The dosage you take is up to you. Some people take 100mg 3 times a day at meals. I am taking 300mg twice a day, 5am and 5pm. Some people recommend taking phosphatidyl serine right before you go to bed. Dosage recommendations run from 300mg a day to 1200mg a day. I am taking what is called a low therapeutic dose in one of the articles I read.

I will probably increase my dosage to 400mgs three times a day, 5am, 5pm and 10pm when I go to bed, around the end of July provided I am still getting the same results. I will also begin an exercise regime around the same time. Right now I am still in experiment mode. I want to keep things the same for a long enough time to know that I am not suddenly going to bounce back up to 295 again.


I found a new place to buy PS,

You should constantly check for better prices. This place used to be more expensive. Just watch for labels like "Complex" or "Matrix". Taking 1000 grams of PS might be okay, but, if it is mixed in with 800 grams of other stuff and only 200 grams of PS, that 800 grams of other stuff might end up being bad for you. When you take supplement complexes it can be difficult to pin point the cause of any issues you have. READ LABELS!

Addendum 2:

I have not tried this brand yet, but, the price looks good. (I have tried this brand now and in my opinion it is crap. Supplement manufacturers are not held to content standards like drug manufacturers. I took this brand for two months and re-gained some of the weight I had lost taking NOW brand. My diet did not change, my activity level actually increased because my new employer has a great gym! buyer beware!).

Addendum 3:
One of the people commenting has pointed out that high Cortisol levels are often indicators of a tumor attaching itself to the adrenal gland or potential infections which can have a direct influence on the adrenal gland. This is all very true. Infections are typically noticed during normal blood work so doctors probably find these most of the time. Tumors around the adrenal gland are typically called Cushing’s disease. I am not sure that any of these fit me, although in spite of working out I have maintained my weight at 265-270 for a couple of years now. My abdominal muscle pad is now pushing out past my rib cage. It looks like I have a huge pot belly and when I tighten my ab muscles and let people feel they are surprised at how little fat there is.

Monday, July 06, 2009

An Obese society and the "fat" tax

Face it, people in societies are sheep.

These idiots think you can outlaw guns and guns will cease to exist in spite of the evidence to the contrary, evidence like Israel under British occupation, evidence like the war on drugs. Where there is a demand there will be a supply. Period.

Morons think SSI is solvent, what a joke.

The truth is most people are just going to do what is easiest for them to do. If we made the world safer people wouldn't want firearms, even nations wouldn't need firearms. If we stopped treating people like crap there would be fewer addicts and the war on drugs would end because people would not need the escape that drugs and alcohol provide.

I believe we need to start taxing high fat, high carbohydrate foods.

There are studies that show meals with 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat are better for people.

Tax foods with more fat than protein.

Tax foods that are all carbs.

Sure, some foods like butter (all fat) or sugar (all carbs) are going to sell and we have to make a provision for that. Basic foods.

Prepared foods, mixes, etc, crap made and advertised by manufacturers needs to be taxed unless the foods have about the same or more protein than fat and don't have more than 125% of carbs compared to protein.

This way people have an easy time buying decent foods.

Suing food makers for advertising a study you don't like is dumb, and a waste of money.

Passing a law that taxes foods that are bad for people is a much better way to do things, and that tax has to paid by the manufacturers.

Sure, they will pass the cost to the consumer and the consumer will stop buying crap so the manufacturer will start putting out foods that have content that is not taxed.

Simple, but because Congress is owned by these big businesses that are stuffing people full of crap it will never happen.

Friday, July 03, 2009

How to tell total crap when you read it.

Somethings are really easy to research and prove, the support of slavery by the Democrats in the United States and the resulting racial genocide.

Many of Andrew Jackson's (D) speech's are published on line, his biography is published on line so his history as a slave trader (not just an owner) is well known. It is very simple to research the facts that Andrew Jackson claimed he was too stubborn to allow slavery to end during his presidency, that he used a donkey symbol to emphasize his stubbornness and that the Democrats still use this slavery supporting, genocidal symbol in politics today. Anyone with half a brain can easily research the genocidal history of the Democrats in the United States.

Few do, the sheep just follow their Judas goats to the slaughter.

What about more difficult issues?

I am a big believer in high protein diets. I believe a diet of 50% protein, 25% carbs and 25% fat is best for our nutritional needs.

Can I prove that? Not conclusively.

In 2003 Mary C Gannon wrote a research paper establishing that high protein diets were good for people with diabetes. Her diet had 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat. Do a search on "Mary C Gannon" you will be impressed. The Joslin Diabetes center at Harvard changed their diet recommendations to a high protein diet, 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat after this report was published.

This is a well done report. The most important thing in the report is the bibliography. That list of stuff at the end that tells you where the writer got their information.

Here are my rules of thumb for determining crap.

Is there a bibliography?

If yes, review the people and articles the bibliography cites. Wikipedia articles have crap bibliographies most of the time.

Do a search on the paper title and/or author to determine if these papers are peer accepted. If the paper is peer accepted it will be referenced in other papers by other authors.

Now look at this article on an Australian government website.

No bibliography. No references. A bunch of rules with nothing to back it up. The "anti-high protein" crowd is like this, their Dogma needs no evidence anymore than a genocidal political party needs to prove they represent minorities best.

If you believe crap without researching it and you are defending your beliefs with "that was a long time ago" or "everyone knows that" you are a sheep.

Now here is a reprint of some letters published in a journal.

Letters? Yep, look at the bibliography after the letter. Very kewl. Read down to the next page. Read the response. Read the bibliography of the response.

Ahhhh, so the research indicating that high protein diets are dangerous are based on research on the effects of high protein diets where renal problems exist and not in healthy people.

So someone reads a paper where high protein diets increase kidney problems in people with kidney problems and they make the "intuitive" leap that high protein diets suck.

This becomes medical Dogma that Johns Hopkins still spouts without any real supporting evidence.

Anyone hear the sheep baaaing?


Unless the research is brain dead simple to preform if there is no bibliography the information is crap.

If the bibliography is crap the information is crap.

If the paper is not being cited by other researchers, or the researcher is not cited the information is crap until it is peer reviewed and accepted.

Dogma like "high protein diets are bad" or "Democrats help the downtrodden" is fodder for sheep and nothing more.