Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another half-hearted appology for slavery

The Democrats constantly refuse to accept responsibility for their genocidal past, prefering to re-write history by pretending everyone is guilty for the institution of slavery.

When NAZI Germany was beaten the political party that caused the genocide of Jews in Europe was disbanded. NAZI symbols have become repugnent.

In the United States the Pro-Slavery political symbol of the most genocidal President,Democrat Andrew Jackson, is ignored.

Jackson promised his Democratic supporters that he was as stuborn as a mule and Slavery would continue under his leadership.

This genocidal icon of the Democrats is on the $20 bill and his pro-slavery donkey symbol is used to represent the political party of oppression.

Democrats dress up blacks to serve todayin politics the same way they dressed up slaves in Confederate grey. Just because Andrew Jackson was 1/4 black, just because a black person fights under the stars and bars of the Confederate Battle Flag, just because a black person serves as a member of the genocidal political party does not mean the genocide of Africans in the United States should go unanswered.

The Leadership of the Democratic party should appoligize for the political support of the genocide of blacks in the United States.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Having trouble losing weight, try Phosphatidyl Serine

When my son died back at the end of 1999 I put on about 70 pounds. Back in 2005 I started really trying to lose the weight. I kept my diet under 2700 calories (Mayo Clinic has a calorie calculator website that recommends 2700 calories to maintain weight at 215, I figure the Mayo clinic knows their business). I worked out 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more (weight training).

I did not lose a pound.

I have kept my diet under 2700 calories for the last 4 years, even going under 2000 calories for a couple of months.

I did not lose a pound.

My first longer (10 days) back packing trip I lost about 30 pounds (235 to 205). In basic training I went from 230 to 200 in less than 8 weeks. When I got out of the Army I put on 20 pounds and then 3 months later I lost it all in a month. For over twenty years I weight 215 plus or minus about 5 pounds.

Never had a problem losing weight before.

It has been really frustrating.

I started taking 600mg a day of Phosphatidyl Serine, 300 in the morning and 300 before I went to bed, about a week ago. I also use gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), but I have been using that to help me sleep for months without losing any weight.

I lost 7 pounds in the last week.

Phosphatidyl Serine lowers cortisol levels and improves brain functioning.

I have only been on the stuff for a week so we will see how it works out, but, 7lbs is more than I lost with diet and weight training combined over a year.

I stick pretty close to the South Beach diet, I count calories and I watch fat (and now sugar) content. I didn't lose much of anything.

If you have a problem losing weight, try taking 600mg of Phosphatidyl Serine a day for a while and see what that does for you.

I suggest buying it at, they have the best prices I have found. If you have better, let me know.

People who bought reasonable cars are screwed under CARS

CARS, or the Car Allowance Rebate System is an Obamanomics joke designed to help people making far more than the average US citizen.

I have two older cars that I am driving, a 1992 and a 1993. Neither qualify under the CARS, both get (according to get about 20 miles per gallon.

Instead of buying a huge piece of crap like an Expedition I purchased reasonable cars with decent gas mileage.

Who benefits from this program?

Morons who purchased expensive, gas guzzling SUVs, Trucks and Giant Sized cars.

What kind of cars does the middle class buy? Reasonably priced mid sized cars.

Sure, a lot of families own minivans. The most popular car in the United States in the Toyota Camry. The most popular style of car is the mid sized sedan.

So the majority is screwed while the minority who invested in mini-vans, SUVs and Trucks are rewarded.

Reward the wasteful.

Screw the responsible.

Welcome to Obamanomics.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The dysfunctional 1960's and the "greatest" generation.

People wonder what happened during the 1960's. I can explain it very easily, World War 2.

Millions of US citizens went to war during WW2. The vast majority of them came back with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. This "greatest" generation became the generation of alcoholics and abusers. The children of the "greatest" generation enacted more laws against drunken conduct like driving and abusive actions than any generation in any nation in the world.


Pretty simple, people inact laws when they recognize that there is a problem. Sure, people talk about familyl abuse and alcoholism occurring before WW2. The difference is that this only affected the minority. After WW2 family abuse and alcoholism affected the majority and that is why so many laws have been passed by the children of the "greatest" generation.

What else happened because of WW2? Dysfunctional families raising children who believed conflict is a normal everyday thing.

When these dysfunctional kids rebelled against their parents, like most generations do, they created so much conflict with protests and terrorist acts that it changed the world.

The terrorism of the dysfunctional "American" kids of the 1960's paved the way for the World Wide terrorism we see today. The huge bottle throwing protests of the 1960's US were broadcast around the world and today we see that same thing all over the world. News reports of Weathermen and the Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist acts traveled all over the world. Now they are repeated all over the world like never before in history.

People think Hitler lost WW2. He really didn't. Hitler created an evil that has bred dysfunctional people who believe conflict is inevitable and who cannot work with or even listen to anyone that disagrees with them.

Plame the administrative assitant

A few years ago I caught someone from an IP address registered to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington trying to hack into my computer. Now I have their servers blocked. That won't stop a real hacker since a real hacker will use an anonymizer, but, it does stop the kind of moron who hacks from their own server.

CREW is currently trying to go after former Vice President Cheney for potentially revealing Valerie Plame's name to the press.

First, to go after anyone for revealing a covert CIA agents name you have to PROVE the person was a covert CIA agent. Plame was working at a public CIA office and had the words CIA printed on her business cards. She was not in any way, shape or form a covert agent.

A bunch of idiots have claimed that she was a covert agent while her husband was an ambassador. That makes a kind of John LeCar type of sense, but, in the real world covert agents have to be both expendable and flexible in their posting location.

The possible diplomatic repercussions from catching a member of an ambassadorial family in a situation where they could be considered a spy would ruin the ability of any ambassador to negotiate.

While the idea of an ambassador's wife being a spy makes a good story with more than enough conflict to interest the reader IN reality cooperation is more important than conflict in diplomacy.

Between movies, books and dysfunctional families the US citizenry has been propagandized to believe that conflict is normal. It isn't.

Eventual conflict between people is not necessary. It is only probable in a nation so dysfunctional that the citizenry believes conflict is unavoidable.

In reality the same people in love with the plot conflict of an ambassador's wife being a spy are the same Ugly Americans that so many complain about.

The reality is that you either seek ways to work with people or you seek conflict with them.

Look at the conflict created in protests. These same people claimed to be able to bring world peace by working together with others.

The really stupid thing is that so many people in the United States have become so dysfunctional that they believe those who create huge public conflicts can actually somehow create co-operation also.

CREW is just another conflict creating organization. They create conflict because conflict sells. Conflict sells fiction to the functional world.

Conflict sells politics only to the dysfunctional person.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Perfect example of moronic crap propaganda

Check out the bottom paragraphs.

In one paragraph the article claims that in 2008 30,000 weapons were seized and 7,200 submitted for tracing. Notice that there is no statistic on how many were actually traced to the US.

In the bottom paragraph the article claims that in the last 5 years 20,000 firearms were traced to the US AND that these 20,000 represent 87% of firearms seized.

If 20,000 firearms did represent 87% of firearms seized in the last 5 years then the total number of firearms seized over the last 5 years would be around 23,000.

Compare that 23,000 over five years to 30,000 seized in 2008.

People actually believe this moronic crap.

Reporters who write this garbage and the editors who publish this garbage should be forced to attend elementary school over again.

People who use crap like this to defend their ridiculous and uneducated opinions should be forced to wear a dunce cap and their right to vote should be terminated until they can pass a 6th grade math test.

The full report is at:

Essentially the report explains that over the last 5 years 87% of traced firearms (page 2) have been traced back to the United States.

Only 25% of firearms are traced so only about 22% of firearms seized in Mexico are traced back to the United States.

Of those traced back to the US approximately 80% are from dealers and 15% are from pawn shops leaving approximately 5% purchased from gunshows or individuals. That is about 1.1% of the firearms traced back to the United States MIGHT have been purchased at a gun show or from an individual.

The ridiculously stupid premise behind this report is the idea that because Mexico traced 22% of the firearms they seized back to the United States the same portion of firearms that they did not trace back to the United States must be from the United States.

There might me some credence to this idea IF the sampling of firearms was random. The sampling is not. Police in Mexico have limited means so they trace the firearms most likely to have come from the United States.

This report is pure, unadulterated propaganda and the news reports based on this report are even worse.

Gay Marriage, Civil Unions, etc

I'm a Christian so as far as I am concerned God has dominion over Marriage. You are not married when you get a marriage license. You are not married when a preacher stands up and says "I now pronounce you man and wife." You are married when the Holy Spirit places the Fact that you are married on your heart.

There is no description of how to start a marriage in the Bible because people can't start a marriage.

God telling you that you are married isn't good enough for many people. It isn't that they don't believe in God, they typically just don't believe anyone who claims God told them something. As a result people have created a bunch of rules about marriage that have very little to do with God.

In the United States we have a civil union licensed by the government that we call "marriage". It really isn't marriage since God is not in control of it, but, for traditional reasons we call it marriage.

I have a friend who is gay and is a lawyer. He believes that gay couples can have the same rights married couple have by filing the necessary paperwork. I used to believe that. Over time I have realized that only a lawyer can file all the right paperwork and know the law well enough to stand up for the rights the filed paperwork gives a partner.

My cousin got married in San Francisco during the time gay marriage was legal. One simple license takes care of all the paperwork and reduces the legal rights confusion.

I think homosexuality is wrong under God's law, but, I don't think homosexuals are wrong. They are just people making what I think are poor decisions.

Does that mean they don't deserve the same rights I have? Should everyone I disagree with lose their rights?

Of course not. In fact I am often friends with people who disagree with me because I respect people who have strong, well thought out opinions.

Do I believe homosexuality is genetic? Not a frick'in chance. Darwin was an idiot who believed homosexuality is a generic response to any genetic defect. That is total crap. Homosexuality is a choice people make.

Homosexuality, like abortion, is a choice. They are choices I do not agree with.

God invented Choice. Who am I to deny anyone their right to invoke their God given right to choose?

Call it marriage or a civil union or whatever, just quit claiming that you are God and have dominion over the things of God.

Obama the Quarter Pounder

The obese citizenry of the United States is beginning to realize that Barack Obama is nothing but a fast food burger, looks good, tastes good at first bite but by the time it hits your stomach it is lead and a few days later it is all fat everyplace you don't want it.

Is it any wonder that the Micky D's culture of the United States voted a Quarter Pounder into the presidency?

Can a nation where the majority of people can't make decent choices about food really choose good leaders?

Different people have different ideas of what good food is. That isn't the problem. The problem is an obese nation buying a burger at a fast food restaurant. No one in their right mind believes a quarter pounder is good healthy food.

Obama has no political experience to speak of. Obama is the fast food of the political world. Cook him up quick, dress him up pretty, advertise him and shove him in front of a hungry crowd.

An obese nation gobbled Obama up and now that digestion has begun the flatulence starts.

A few more months, maybe a year, and everyone but the die hard fast food fans will know they made a mistake that they have to live with for a while more.

The worst thing is that the first obviously black President will be a failure.

The best thing that Barack Obama has done and will ever do is prove that a black person can be elected President in the United States.

For the United States it is all downhill into an unhealthy financial obesity from that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Killing hunger pains

Ever eat and feel hungry soon after you eat?

Ever eat too much at a meal?

I have a trick I use to kill hunger pains.

Get some Metamucil, some protein drink mix and a shaker bottle. Put a heaping teaspoon of Metamucil in 8oz of water and mix it up. I use Costco Metamucil and Costco 6lb chocolate protein mix. Drink the Metamucil. Mix up the protein drink and drink that.

I drink four of these a day and it totally kills hunger pains, food desires, etc. In fact you will feel so full that if you even try to eat, well, don't try to eat.

If you mix up the protein mix in water there is no sugar and almost no fat in the two drinks. Together they total less than 200 calories.

Iran Blames the US!

What else is new?

Who installed the Shah of Iran? Winston Churchill.

Who should the Iranians blame for the actions of the Shah?

The United States!

I will bet Obama "Winston Churchill wouldn't stoop to torture, well, except for authorizing the torture of my grandfather during the Kenyan revolution" thinks the United States installed the Shah of Iran.

Ignorant politicians and voters whose entire political understanding is driven by propaganda make me sick.

One of these days Obama should attend a basic high school world history class to learn about the history of the UK and Iran.

Ooops, that probably won't work because high school history teachers in the United States spout more propaganda than the Ayatollah himself.

To bad Obama and the vast majority of liberal democrats are illiterate or they would be able to read and learn something.

Obama Breaks the Law and justifies his criminal behavior

Obama fired an Inspector General.

Obama helped write a law preventing the firing of an inspector general without good cause. Obama's law states that Congress must be informed 30 days before an inspector general can be fired. Obama's law is intended to increase the openness of government and prevent firings for political reasons.

The inspector general in question had investigated an Obama supporter for coruption and found the person corupt.

Obama broke the law in removing the inspector general.

After Obama broke the law he began a smear campaign against the former inspector general in an attempt to justify his criminal action.

I really don't care why Obama broke the law. Every person in prison has a reason why they broke the law.

Obama broke the law.

If the removal was not for political reasons there is no reason to break the law. If the person was incapable of doing the job the correct procedure for dismissal should have been followed.

The procedure was not followed because of the time constraints. The crook that the inspector general exposed was about to receive more government money and the inspector general had insisted that the law preventing the crook from receiving more money be followed.

If Obama had not broken the law concerning the firing of the inspector general Obama would not have been able to break the law concerning giving more money to crooks.

Obama should be impeached for his criminal actions.