Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gates Arrest and Racism

Want to bet that if we carefully examine Crowley's record we can find a similar experience with a white guy where the white didn't end up in jail?

It would be harder to find because Crowley would probably not have even written a report about it.

Cops know that an arrest will be held against a person if they are later arrested for something different and as a result they only arrest people for tripe charges that they believe will be arrested again or that they want to embarrass.

Any cop telling you any different is just covering with a blue shield.

Gates was treated like crap and arrested because he was black and nothing anyone tells me will make me believe any different.

I don't care if Crowley were black. Racial profiling is something so ingrained in police work that it is impossible to separate the racial stereotypes from the racial profile.

Gates arrest is a perfect example of racial stereotyping. The black guy is arrested. Period.

If Obama were not a ball-less wonder he would point this corruption of police in the United States out to the world.

If a cop cannot prove to a jury that an arrest was necessary to preserve public safety the cop should be arrested and convicted of civil rights violations. Period.

Cops will whine and fascists will insist that holding cops accountable to the same standards as private citizens is ridiculous.

Cops should be at least as afraid of arresting innocent people as people are of being arrested.

Where the idea is that you always have to be polite to a cop no matter how the cop treats you, you live in a police state.

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