Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Democrats attempt to re-write history, again. (will they ever live in reality?)

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. His father was a Republican.

So why do people believe that Dr. King was a Democrat or supported the Democrats?

In 1964 Barry Goldwater was selected as the Republican candidate for President. Goldwater had started a Planned Parenthood clinic with his wife. Goldwater embraced equal rights for homosexuals. These were issues that Dr. King stood firmly against, especially abortion.

Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics were originally started as Eugenics programs and Dr. King was well aware of this. Barry Goldwater, a long time supporter of equal rights for minorities and women, had not started the Planned Parenthood clinic for racist reasons and Dr. King knew this. Dr. King believed that organizations like Planned Parenthood supported the racist Eugenics agenda.

As a result Dr. King took a stand against Barry Goldwater and his position on Abortion and Gay Rights.

The uneducated masses don't understand these basic issues. The sheep don't understand they support the pro-slavery, pro-segregationist Democrats.

In their minds, as in the minds of pre-WW2 German's, they are supporting what is best for their nation and not some genocidal political party.

There is one big difference.

The NAZI party had not committed a genocide before.

The Democrats have caused at least two genocides in the United States, a genocide of Blacks and a genocide of Native Americans.

The sheep would rather live in a fantasy than face the genocidal truth that they support the pro-slavery political party.

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