Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lance Armstrong, Greg LeMond and people in general

I don't think of Lance Armstrong as a hero. Over the years Lance Armstrong has done some pretty despicable things that have been publicized and I am sure he has done rotten things that are not public.

I don't think of Greg LeMond as a hero either.

When you read about these two athletes there are pretty poor things about both of them. Both of them have achieved great things in cycling.

In my opinion neither of these men are heros. Neither of these men are saints. Neither of these guys are my first choice for a euchre partner on a Saturday night.

They are both great US cycling champions.

Of the two I think of Lance Armstrong as being the better cyclist, the more skilled cyclist.

In my opinion Greg LeMond comes across as being pretty bitter, but, having never met the man I really can't say.

I believe that Greg LeMond, Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis are great US cyclists. Period.

So everyone. quit the damn whining and celebrate the wins.

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