Monday, September 28, 2009

Google Gadgets, Hot Air and News

I just deleted Hot Air from my iGoogle.

I have been reading Hot Air since it started. The columns are not bad, but they are not that good either and they don't let you post comments unless you know someone. Hot Air claims they only open registration occasionally but I have been a regular reader for the last couple of years and have never seen registration opened.

But my post is not about Hot Air, it is about iGoogle gadgets. I love them.

Getting rid of Hot Air was as easy as deleting my iGoogle gadget. No more outrageous and poorly researched articles, Hot Air has gone the way of CNN, the AP and Reuters. All crud news services that I have deleted because of over propagandizing issues and failing to report accurately and objectively.

Looking at my iGoogle I have Car and Driver, Fox News (becoming a terrible propaganda machine and likely to go soon....),, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC still informing me on important events.

So what will I do when I kick Fox news from my iGoogle for being a propagandist and inaccurate yellow sheet? I will run a search and install a new gadget.

Simple as that.

For some reason the majority of news service managers believe that to make money and gain readership they have to become propagandist and inaccurate. I believe this is why so many news organizations are going out of business.

These morons are focusing on the small vocal minority that read their garbage and leaving the rest of us without news.

Prado. 80% comes from 20%. News services are focusing on propagandizing for that 20% and the rest of us are hunting for good news sources.

Thank God for Google Gadgets because they make getting rid of propaganda and testing out a new information source only a mouse click away.

Sure, the 80-20 rule applies and I will only really like and get 80% of my information from about 20% of the gadgets.

That is okay, The world is not going any where and I can catch up on anything I miss in the first 5 minutes of the story.

P.S. Readers unfamiliar with me might not recognize the sarcasm in my last sentence. The world is not going anywhere AND no one can understand any issue watching 5 minutes of any story. It takes multiple presentations from multiple sources as well as returning to original informational source material.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The New American Fasicst

The term fascist was defined by a young communist name Mussolini around the turn of the twentieth century. Karl Marx had determined, and written in his famous Communist Manifesto, that the people or proletariat would never shrug off the shackles of capitalism on their own. Unselfish leaders had to lead the people in a revolution and then force them into communism. Mussolini defined the communist period between revolution and the withering away of the state as the Fascism.

Fascism shares its word root with words like Fact and Feces. Essentially it means to make or force a group or bundle.

Mussolini and his good friend, the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI party and Adolph Hitler), worked very hard to force the world into prosperity and communism. Fortunately for everyone they failed.

Fascists want to make people into something. They are not interested with freedoms that do not agree with their ideology.

Freedom of Religion is acceptable, as long as the religion is whatever the State or Fascists believe it should be.

Accepting people for who they are is great, as long as they fit into the profile that the State or Fascists believe they should fit into.

My nephew once wrote a tirade against religion closing it with ?question everything and accept people for who they are? statement. His wife explained to me that any mention of religion or God was very offensive to them.

Neither of these people questions the idea that they have the right to be free from being offended by ideas that they do not approve of.

They are Socialists and perfect examples of New American Fascists.

Of course they do not consider themselves to be Fascists, they are just exercising their ?Freedom From Being Offended? by attacking and suppressing the ideas and the people they do not agree with.

Freedom Of Speech does not come with a Freedom From Offense. In fact the Freedom to do anything insures that someone will be offended and discriminate against you because of that offense.

Are you religious in some way? Christian, Jewish, Islamic? You will offend fascists and they will call you mentally ill for your belief in a higher power.

Are you a Democrat? People aware of the genocidal history of the Democratic Party in the United States will be offended that you can support a political party responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Fascists will do everything they can to humiliate and degrade you for your supporting a genocidal political party.

Are you White, Black, Indian, Asian, Purple? Your race will offend fascists and they will call you derogatory names.

Your freedom to express who you are will offend fascists.

You will be discriminated against when you offend people.

Yes, it is wrong for people to try and force you into a racial, religious or ideological box. It does not matter what box that is. Different Fascists have different boxes.

The one thing all fascists have in common is their firm belief that they are right and they have the Responsibility to eliminate those who are wrong.

I am an Anti-Democrat. I will be an Anti-Democrat forever. I am an Anti-Nazi. I will be Anti-Nazi forever. I am Anti-Fascist and Anti many other things. I am not going to change my core beliefs.

I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Freedom of Speech (even if I disagree) and Pro-Freedom of Religion and Pro-Freedom of the Press.

I would rather die supporting my nephew?s right to express his fascist viewpoint than suppress his ideology. Not because he is right. In my opinion his beliefs are every bit as delusional and sick as Hitler?s and Mussolini?s. In my opinion if we do not have the right to express ideas that are offensive as fascism we have no rights at all.

I do not degrade people I disagree with. I express my opinion on their support of genocidal political parties or fascist ideologies. I hope that someday people stop supporting genocide and fascism but I am a realist.

Fascists will never believe that they are evil even when confronted and shown how hateful and disgusting their ideology is. Fascists will always blame the messenger for their ?sick? ideas.

How do you know you are a fascist?

Are you suppressing, humiliating or degrading groups of people for their ideologies?

If the answer is no, you are not a fascist you are just expressing an opinion.

Sometimes the line between sarcasm and degradation can be blurred. You have to look at your intentions.

Were you trying to degrade a group based on their race, religion or ideology? Change what you are doing.

Were you trying to help people understand how outrageous, bigoted or fascist their ideology was? You will offend some people all of the time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Racism, 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Accusations of racism against a general group are racist comments.


Let me make this really simple for dunderheads like Jimmy Carter.

When you make statements against a group based on their race you are making a racist statement.

"Blacks love watermelon" is a racist statement.

"People who oppose Obama's health care plan are racist" IS a racist statement.

Can we please either educate the proletariat or our elected leaders?

Oh yeah, the Dems are in charge and that means the likelyhood of educating people has dropped to ZERO.

You can't convince an educated person to vote for you by making hypocritical statements like "People who oppose Obama's policies are racist" so the Dems have to keep the proletariat as uneducated and dependent on them as possible.

High Protein meal replacement shakes

There is a researcher named Dr. Mary Gannon who has published numerous studies at NIH.GOV on high protein diets. Her research is excellent and as a result organizations like the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard have adopted high protein diets based on her research. You can find out more by Googling “mary gannon protein”.

Don't confuse Joslin at Providence in Novi MI or other diabetic education centers with Joslin at Harvard, they may be related but I attended a class at Providence and the person teaching contradicted Joslin Harvard. During that less than helpful class I learned that high cortisol does not cause diabetes and that high cortisol is only caused by fear, I learned that consuming fat in your diet has no effect on your blood sugar, that high protein diets are very bad for diabetics and that you should never replace a meal with a meal replacement drink.

You can research everything I am about to write in contradiction to the ridiculous blather I learned at the Joslin Diabetic Center at Providence in Novi Michigan.

Cortisol is a necessary hormone that your body produces. High cortisol levels are caused by extreme physical exertion or extreme emotional states such as (in my case) grief. Essentially saying that high cortisol is caused by fear is saying that all physical and emotional stress is caused by fear.

Fat does contribute to your blood sugar level. Fat takes longer to digest so if you eat a very fatty meal your blood sugar might take hours to increase. Eating a lot of fat over a long period of time will cause an overall increase in blood sugar that can be very hard to control or understand since most diabetics are told to check their blood sugar 2 hours after eating.

A meal high in fat and protein (Atkins) will have a very small immediate impact on blood sugar and and a larger longer term impact.

Mary Gannon has published numerous studies at NIH.GOV proving that high protein diets are beneficial to diabetics and any properly trained and educated person involved in diabetic education already knows this.

The Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard has been conducting a study with high protein meal replacement drinks and found them useful in helping diabetics control their blood sugar and weight.

So we have discovered two things;

First, that a lot of the diabetic education out there really sucks even if you get it from someplace you believe is a reliable source.
Second, that high protein diets and meal replacement shakes can help you control your blood sugar and weight.

I have been taking phosphatidylserine to lower my cortisol and the results have been amazing, I am losing weight at a very steady rate, over 35 pounds so far.

For years I have been drinking protein shakes. I drank a lot of them when I lifted weights. I found them to be quick meals that kept me satisfied when I was working or busy. Some people reach for candy bars, I reach for a shaker bottle.

I was pretty surprised when I gained a lot of weight over a short period of time after my son died. Now I understand that even though my diet did not change much, my physiology changed, probably because my cortisol level sky rocketed.

I didn't pay a lot of attention to it for about five years and then I started working at losing the weight. I spent 6 months working out with weights for 45 minutes to an hour 3 days a week and using a tread mill 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. I reduced my calorie intake to under 2000 calories a day. At the time I was working half at a desk and half on the shop floor about 10 hours per day 5 days per week. Using the metabolic information at I was burning around 4,000 calories a day without the workout. I didn't lose pound one. My doctor was useless. I dropped the diet and went back to my normal about 3,000 calories a day. On a feast day like Christmas I (and many others) eat about 4,000 calories a day.

It took me another five years to find out about cortisol, mostly because I never believed in medical reasons for weight gain. I figured if you were fat you had to eat a lot and do very little. Pretty simple.

Not so simple, as I found out. There are actually conditions that make it almost impossible to lose weight.

Protein in liquid format, like protein shakes, digests faster and less of the protein is digested, typically between 50% and 75% of the protein from a shake is metabolized in your system during digestion. The human body is designed to metabolize fats and proteins from solids, not liquids which is one reason meal replacement shakes help people lose weight.

Something I discovered from reading the South Beach diet is that Metamucil will decrease the glycemic index of foods. Essentially this means that it makes foods digest slowly. The higher the index, the faster food digests and the more it impacts your blood sugar.

Because of what I read I started drinking a metamucil with my protein drink. You can mix them, I typically get orange metamucil and chocolate protein. I wouldn't mix them if I had other flavors and I typically do not mix them. Drinking the two together makes me feel stuffed.

I noticed that if I wait a few minutes between the metamucil and the protein it had a different impact on my blood sugar. I believe that the metamucil forced the protein drink to take longer to digest.

I would not drink metamucil right before or right after a work out, but, I would drink a metamucil with a protein drink when I want the protein to take longer to digest so that the absorption of protein is maximized.

If you can wait a few minutes I believe you should since it takes up to about 15 minutes for the metamucil to get into the digestive system. If you eat or drink before the 15 minutes (about) you are just mixing them in your stomach. If you are like me there probably won't be a lot of time between the two.

My suggestion for meal replacement shakes is a protein drink (you can get the protein at Costco or where I have found it is cheaper) and a metamucil. Drink the metamucil first, then drink the protein shake.

Using high protein drinks as a meal replacement can help you control your weight and your blood sugar.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama proves how clueless he is on issues once again

I'm Pro-Choice and anyone who reads my blogs or opinions which are plastered all over the internet knows it.

I am a Christian. God is pro-choice, God invented choice. God gave us rules to cover how to decide the punishment for causing a woman to "lose her fruit" and I believe we need to abide by those rules, and the United States has. That does not make abortion ok and it does not mean that people who have, help or commit abortions miss out on discussing this issue with God on judgment day.

Obama tells us "violence is never the answer". What this dunce in the oval office does not understand is that people who oppose the "murder of innocent children", commonly known as abortion, believe that violence is being done to these children.

Statements like this by Obama only prove how totally clueless about the issues Obama is. The guy in the white house is a total moron and he needs to resign.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Behind every great invention there is a guy like me

Tonight I am covered in the grinding dust from working on an intermetalic ceramic. The company I work for came up with a bleeding edge design for a new type of armor. No, it isn't my project. I'm just the guy who is going to make the process work.

That means climbing up on a machine in and grinding away at an intermetalic ceramic held at 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a Dewalt 4 and a half inch grinder.

Why you ask? because someone else made a mistake.

The problem with new technology is that it is new and no one has ever done it before. This kind of technology takes teamwork between people with ideas and people like me with the experience to make those ideas work.

There are three kinds of people for the purposes of this blog. Stupid people who repeat their mistakes. Smart people who make mistakes and learn from them. Brilliant people who learn from the mistakes of others and apply that knowledge to their own lives.

I work with smart people that seem to love making their own mistakes and learning from them.

Even if I tell them why what they are doing won't work this technology is new and we don't know it won't work.

Yeah, well, there is that idea.

Thing is, just about every idea (including this one) is just improving on something else that someone else has done before and we can look at similar things that people have done before.

Here is an example.

There are a couple of popular manufacturers of kitchenware, Revereware and Farberware. These guys figured out a long time ago that they had to bond stainless with a heat conductive metal to provide a consistent heat on the bottom of their pans.

We built a hot plate for our new product from stainless and I tried to explain that we needed a conductor between the source and the stainless. Not that I am some doctor of engineering, but, I have cooked in an actual kitchen before.

Yeah, just because there are millions of hours of testing and proved processes does not mean that the information Revereware and Farberware worked out fifty years ago applies to what we are doing.

No one has ever done what we are doing before.

The difference is that I know I am not any smarter than the last thousand people before me even though I have a genius IQ and some of the people I work with think they are.

Oh well, soon I will be grinding again and this will eventually work and the world will be a better place because of it.

Because of some guy like me who can apply knowledge and is willing to make it work.

Not that guys like me ever become the hero and that is okay. In the end it means more that I solved problems that made things work than it means to get the credit.

The credit is in the accomplishment, not the recognition.

Still, I wish people would stop and remember that they are not really any smarter than the last thousand people before them. It would make life easier for everyone.