Saturday, July 25, 2009

Derrick Jansen and stupidity

Derek Jansen is a anarchist-environmentalist who advocates violence against ?CEO? types. Essentially he is just another fascist with a cause that he believes is righteous. I doubt if the guy picks up the pedal reflectors that fall off mountain bikes while he hikes the way I do. That would be productive, and it would make the world a better place. This guy writes books and propagandizes his fascist ideology.

There is something that Derrick Jansen and I agree on and that is pacifism is a bunch of tripe. Nature is violent. There are tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, lightening, thunder, earthquakes and asteroids raining down from the skies. Violence does accomplish something, very often a renewal. A direct quote from Derek Jansen is ?Violence is very effective.?

There is something that Derrick Jansen and I disagree on. Jansen thinks industrial civilization is inherently unsustainable. I think fascism is inherently unsustainable.

Fascism is the idea that people must be forced to follow specific ideologies, environmentalism, communism, democracy, religious ideology, whatever.

Derek Jansen thinks he can force ?CEOs? to relinquish their power using violence.


People have power because we as people give it to them. Period.

Even in fascist societies the population gives specific people power over them. When enough people get tired of the monarchy, dictatorship, democracy, whatever, they rebel and that form of government ends.

The majority of people have to agree to either:
1: Stand by and do nothing as violent acts are committed.
2: Join one side or the other.

Take Iraq. The United States put together a political coalition of nations which supported military action in Iraq. A bunch of morons propagandized, ?well, they really are not actually fighting so it really isn't support.? Horsecrap again. Political support is often much more important than material support.

Any person with even a minimal understanding of Iraq's political history can tell you that after Saddam Hussein died Iraq would have turned into a political free for all, fighting between various factions and eventual disaster for the United States.

Iraq was already in the midst of a civil war being fought between the Kurds in the north and Saddam Hussein's regime. By removing Saddam Hussein the United States reduced the probability of future turmoil and made the world a safer place.

Morons, like the fascist Derek Jansen, figure they can twist words and make people believe that just because they are right they can force people to their ideology and it is not fascism. Fascisim becomes the other guy forcing people to his way, not the ?right people? forcing people to the ?right way?.

Stupid horsecrap.

There are times, like Iraq and Afghanistan where we have to fight. There are scumbags who want you dead for their own reasons and you have every right to defend yourself. Unfortunately it is always the majority that decides the course. Charismatic people can con the majority for a short time, the way Hitler did in Germany, but, those organizations always fall apart when the majority ceases supporting them. Sometimes, as in Rome, it takes a several hundred years for the elitist, intellectual fascists to be totally destroyed as they were in Rome. Usually the fall is much quicker.

The majority of people in the United States elected the moron Obama to the presidency. I often disagree with the majority.

I do not dispute that the majority always decides the direction of civilization.

Check out Jansen on You Tube if you want an understanding of what the new fascists are preaching.

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