Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fascism, censorship and intolerance

This last term at school I dealt with some seriously fascist teachers.  Fascists never self-identify as fascists, they self-identify as "guardians of right" and they bully, censor, intimidate, extort and even kill people whose opinions, ideologies, comments, expressions, disagree with "what is right".

Throughout history Fascists have always failed, because they never know when to stop.  Some fascist hacker takes offense at some celebrity mouthing off about another celebrity and the hacker extorts behavior the hacker believes is "right".  Doesn't care about civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of anything.  After all whatever the fascist believes is "right" and anything contradicting or disagreeing with the fascist is Hate Speak!

"You have a borderline offensive opinion!"

I have no clue what that means.  Fascists can't define what is right, they can only define what is wrong.  For example, a fascist might say, "you have to treat people with respect", while they are invading people's privacy and extorting behaviors from them, but, only from the "bad people".  What the fascist really means is, "You have to treat the people I respect with respect".

The truth is, people who run around invading the privacy of other individuals have no respect for other individuals.

There is a lot of chatter these days about invading peoples privacy.  We aren't talking about institutional privacy, like the secrets governments keep from their citizens.  We are talking about personal privacy.  We are not talking about working to effect cultural change, we are talking about deliberately damaging people.

Not only people.  Suppose Anonymous had been around during the 1950s and found the radical ideas of revolutionaries like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X offensive?  People claim, "of course that wouldn't happen, anonymous supports revolutionaries".  No, they don't.  They support those with whom they agree and they damage those with whom they disagree.

We are not talking about rocket scientists here.  They adopted the image of a religious fanatic who was attempting to destroy religious revolutionaries.  Probably because the image was used in a popular cult film about a guy who tortures a woman so she can learn from the same perspective he had when he learned.

I mean, really, do you think there is enough torture in the universe for two people of different genders, raised in totally different backgrounds, totally different experiences, totally different world views, to achieve the same perspective?

The thing is, fascism is always blind to its own evil because they always believe they are "right", no matter how many individual civil rights they trample on and no matter how many damaged people they leave behind.

Hitler convinced the German people that they had to fight against their oppressors.  France in particular had treated Germany very severely after WW1.  Hitler convinced the German people to believe in their own "rightness" and to rise up against oppression.

That is fascism.  Doing horrible things in order to damage the people who have wronged the fascist or the allies of the fascist.  Narcissists who feel they are hurt beyond what is "fair" become vindictive fascists.  In the mind of the fascist there is no "damage", they are just making things equal, fair.  Of course, the concept of "fair" is based on their own ideology.

It isn't fair for people with different ideas to express them.  Different ideas must be stamped out!  The world must be turned into some kind of robots, always behaving in the way that the fascist believes is "right".

And the chatter is not becoming more tolerant or more focused on the abuses of corporations.  The rich just pay off the fascists as a cost of doing business and the fascists take their money and focus on taking out their petty vindictiveness on people.

It sucks, but, people haven't changed over thousands of years and nothing is going to change.  There are networks of people today that could help change the world and they are focusing on petty and vindictive stupidity.