Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conservative Comentators and Freedom

Colin Powell had some advice, not what I would call good advice for the majority of people.

Colin Powell tells us not to get upset when cops treat us like crap, just wait until after it is over and then sue the jerk.

I guess if you have deep pockets like the commentators at Hotair.com or Colin Powell that makes a lot of sense.

It loses the rest of us that don't have deep enough pockets to pay an attorney to file a lawsuit against a government that is making us pay to defend them from treating us like crap.

Suppose you get treated like crap by a cop. Suppose the lawsuit is worth a million dollars. Suppose you can get 4% interest. The government, or a corporation or anyone with deep pockets, can pay some lawyer 40 grand a year just to delay the proceedings forever.

Not a big deal to morons with deep pockets. A really big deal for the rest of us.

My bottom line is, and always will be no matter how many police state supporting idiots come up with other policies, Cops should be able to defend an arrest in front of a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

If a cop cannot prove an arrest was necessary beyond a reasonable doubt, without the courts giving the cop more credibility than any other citizen, then the cop should be charged with violations of civil rights. Period.

Cops should be at least as afraid of violating someones rights as any individual is of being arrested by some cop having a crap day.

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