Monday, August 24, 2009

Fascists demand blood!

One of the things that defines a fascist in my eyes is their desire to hurt or destroy those that they disagree with.

During the Bush Administration CIA officers and contractors used guidelines set by the Attorney Generals office to interrogate suspects.

In my youth I was not known for my kindness or my pursuit of legal endeavours. Having been "interrogated" by both military and civilian police in my youth and having read the accounts of interrogation by the CIA I can tell you that the police who have interrogated me are far more guilty of torture than any CIA officer.

Once I was taken to a hospital by police, strapped between two stretchers and beaten. When they felt they had beaten me enough on one side they flipped me over and beat me on the other. While they were beating me I chewed through the gag and told the police what a great job they had done gagging me, in rather colourful language. A doctor came in and rescued me or I might have died. I filed a report. I had witnesses. Nothing happened.

Being blessed by Christ and saved I look back and regret calling the police who tied me up and beat on me a bunch of fucking cowardly pigs. I also forgive them for the actions they took against me and the lies they undoubtedly told to save their own asses.

I do not recall any thing like that being done to any of the "detainees" and yet instead of looking internally to the way police behave within the boundaries of the United States President Obama is having a beer with a cop who obviously arrested a friend of his for being a black man who didn't know his place.

Talk about hypocrisy.

Not all cops are scum, and most of the ones who do scummy things are not scum all the time. The problem is we don't hold them accountable for being scum when they are.

Cops have a difficult position, just as CIA officers and contractors do.

The State of Louisiana and the State of Kentucky were being sued by Janet Reno because of their treatment of juveniles. In the court paperwork there is a story about an inspection where one young girl, pregnant and with aids, was observed to be bruised. When she was taken aside and questioned about her injuries she explained that the corrections officers had beaten her and that she couldn't take it any more and just wanted to die.

The Bush admin dropped that lawsuit when they came into power.

In my opinion that was far less hypocritical than what the Obama administration is doing now.

If the laws are not clear enough we need to rewrite them.

I did not read one story of CIA interrogation that sounds anywhere near as disgusting as mine.

The Obama Administration needs to go after the scum bags IN our nation that are torturing people like the kid I used to be or the girl in the Louisiana Juvenile facility.

Until then those Demophyte hypocrites can kiss my ass.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The United States and Veterans and others

I served in the United States Army starting in 1978, went inactive reserve in 1981 after 38 months of active service and finished my inactive reserve in 1984.

Basically, veterans who served between 1977 and 1985 get very poor educational benefits and many of us had other benefits, like VA medical, taken away from us.

The United States has always found excuses to screw their veterans and they always will.

Back in 1932 President Hoover (R) had a cavalry unit attack a group of WW1 veterans and their families who marched to Washington demanding their veterans benefits. Patton actually saber whipped a veteran who had saved Patton's life during WW1. People, children, were killed during this attack. The veterans were called socialists for demanding that the United States government fulfill its promises. Search "Bonus March"

The United States governments failure to keep its promises and live up to its treaties is notorious world wide.

The French sided with the fledgling United States during the American Revolution. Without the French assistance the United States would never have been created.

The United States saved the French in two World Wars and took over the French disaster in Vietnam.

Today people do not remember that the United States and France share an interest in Liberty, throwing off the shackles of the monarchy, that other nations have only pretended.

The United States often forgets about its obligations or pretends it has no obligations.

Over the last several hundred years Native American Indians, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Veterans and almost every other ethnic or political group you can mention has been subjected to the failure of the United States to keep its promises.

Every administration more promises are made and broken and made and broken promises, its own promises and other administrations promises. Even promises that the United States has a legal obligation to fulfill.

This is the core reason the United States is so hated and disrespected in international circles.

The US cannot and never has lived up to its own standards either at home or in international policies.

The first step the United States government has to take is to admit the mistakes of the past, particularly the slave mongering, segregationist supporting Democrats.

Once we have admitted the mistakes, not keeping our word, we need to keep promises. Period. I don't care who makes them and how popular they are.

The promises we make are LAWS passed by Congress and signed by the President. These promises are reviewed by the Judiciary.

We need to keep our promises, to our people and to the rest of the world.