Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama, what a loser

Just when I thought I could have the tiniest little bit of respect for our bone headed moron of a president he caves like an over cooked souffle.

I have opinions, I give a rats ass if anyone else agrees with me. I read and listen to other peoples opinions. Some I think are total crap and some I think are reasonable and I would bet not one of those opinionated people gives a rats ass if I agree with them.

I express my opinion and I educate myself on the opinions of others so that we can learn from each other. While I don't give a rats ass if you agree or disagree with me I do care if you and I exchange ideas and learn from each other.

So what did I learn from Obama, the flopping little fish out of water?

That he thinks cops who arrest people for no reason are stupid and that he caves at the slightest controversy.

Police should be afraid to arrest people. People should not be afraid of being arrested.

Some people are going to be pissed because I didn't put a qualifier in there. Tough.

The prisons are filled with innocent people, literally. Far more people who should never have been arrested are never prosecuted and they are released.

Cops and prosecutors will hold an arrest, no matter how unwarranted against a person. Cops have told me that it doesn't matter if the scum bag did what they are accused of, they did something at some time so they deserve to be arrested and stuck in jail.

No one is innocent.

So I have been told, by cops.

Instead of trying to take the United States away from a police state where a cop with a shit attitude can treat you like crap and then arrest you for no reason what so ever the flip-flopping moron in the white house hung his friend out to dry.

Cops everywhere will probably go beat some minority kid to death for no reason except to celebrate their latest police state victory.

As far as I am concerned, if a cop can't prove to a jury that an arrest was necessary beyond a reasonable doubt the cop should be charged with a civil rights violation.

Our dip stick president probably believes that too, but he is too cowardly to express his own opinion without crawling into a hole with his tail between his legs.


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