Friday, May 20, 2011

Screw the 1967 Border!

Nations which attack other nations and then run away, giving up their land don't deserve the land back. Period.

The logic is simple. People who decide that they have the right to take what they want by force do not have the right to get back what they lose to force.

People blame the United States for selling Israel weapons. What a load of crap. The United States sold Saddam Hussein weapons and the United States sold the UK installed Shah of Iran weapons. Hussein couldn't kick Iran's ass even with US support and when Hussein lost that support he didn't just crawl into a hole. The Shah lost big time, even with US support.

Israel kicked butt because Israel kicked butt, get over it. I believe God gave Israel the victory over it's enemies.

As far as I am concerned those who lost land through violent attacks cannot get that land back.

If a scumbag breaks into a neighbors home and the neighbor shoots the scumbag, the family of the scumbag does not get the scumbags burglar tools and gun returned. Get over it.

I don't really care what anyone else says, Israel should not give up any territory. No dispute, no occupied territories. Just Israel.

I don't believe Israel will last. I believe the people who survived the holocaust and who built Israel were devoted to God. I believe the present people of Israel are not focused enough on God and without God the people depend on how well they get along with their neighbors.

Israel can never get along with their neighbors. Their neighbors hate them because they are Jews and for no other reason.

The only way Israel can survive is by focusing on God and all this talk of compromise is not taking care of business.

God spread out the borders of Israel to the location they are currently at, post '67 borders. Giving the land back is telling God that God wasted time giving Israel the victory.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moronic Internet Psycho Stalkers

I write blogs and post on message boards and as a result internet morons get pissed off at me and stalk me. Oh wonder of wonders, people who can't stand free speech do everything they can to squash the ideas and words of those they disagree with.

They publish all kinds of attacks against me, pretend to be me posting on the internet, in their zealousness for their ideas they ignore facts and the issue to attack me on grammar and punctuation. Morons with no lives.

Many of these morons are atheists and proponents of evolution. This is not to say that many atheists and proponents of evolution are moronic psycho stalkers, just that many of the moronic psycho stalkers I attract are atheists and proponents of evolution.

I assume this is because I often look at things differently from them.

What is hilarious is the hypocrisy of their attacks. Typically these moronic atheist psycho stalkers attack and suppress my publishing facts, opinions and theories regarding the Catholic Church of the Reconnaissance because the Catholic Church “worked so hard” (in their uneducated opinion) to suppress the facts, opinions and theories that they disagreed with.

Get it, they complain about the suppression of ideas while they suppress ideas. They are even worse than the priests of the inquisition who at least gave Galileo a trial lasting 15 years. Yeah, it took 15 years for the Catholic Church, and the opposing viewpoints in the church, to decide in favor of Aristotle. That decision took longer than the two seconds it takes me to piss off a moronic internet psycho stalker.

Galileo is a subject I often get e-mail flames filled with ridiculous crap that anyone with reliable resources or common sense can easily disprove.

Another subject I am often “attacked” over is when I point out that I believe religion had very little to do with mid winter festivals. Mid winter festivals were and are often coated in religion but they were not religious in nature. Mid winter festivals were primarily used by leaders of agricultural cultures to keep the agricultural workers alive through the winter so they could plant and harvest during the next growth season.

It is really amazing how many hypocrites will suppress opposing ideas while at the same time denigrating those who originally suppressed the ideas they believe in.

Darwin was not the first scholar to suggest the idea of evolution. Darwin published well written theories during a time when the idea was gaining popularity. Darwin receives the credit.

Darwin was, in my opinion, an idiot because; he dismissed Negroes as a sub species, he dismissed homosexuality as a generic biological reaction by a defective member of a species and other some other stupid ideas I won't get into here.

So why do I generate so much animosity? Because I call people with really dumb ideas idiots.

Why do I do that? Because helping a child learn through encouragement is a useful skill. By the time a person is an adult and still vomiting out ridiculous propaganda as is it were gospel they obviously are incapable of reason and or education. In other words, an adult supporting Darwinian theories, calling Christmas a pagan celebration or claiming the Church suppressed science is a moron.

Gee, I am really sorry there are so many idiots in the world. I wish these people would open their minds, educate themselves even a little on their opinions and support the free exchange of ideas.

Obviously they won't. When morons stop spouting theories as if they were proved and indisputable facts while doing everything they can to suppress opposing ideologies I will stop believing they are morons. Until then, forget about it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dan Brown is an idiot

Because of ridiculously ignorant propaganda spread by uneducated morons most people believe that the Catholic Church persecuted “scientists”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What these idiots, or people who refuse to educate themselves, don't understand is that the catholic Church was THE educational institution in Western Europe. You couldn't be a “scientist” without having been educated by the church.

In addition to controlling the education in Europe the Catholic Church also controlled publishing. Any published works, like Galileo’s books, that exist were published by the church.

Essentially the way the system worked was that parents paid “priests” to educate their children, ether individually or in small groups. Before some moron goes off on sexual abuse charges, yes, teachers probably sexually abused their students then as they do now.

Once a child could read and write the children who could write the best, those with the best penmanship, were employed by the Catholic Church to copy books. Later Gutenberg invented the printing press and the Catholic Church controlled the technology for years. Around the 1580's the first secular publishing houses began to take shape in Holland. Guys like Copernicus and Galileo worked for and were published by the Catholic Church.

A lot of people claim that Galileo's research was conducted through funding by a patron who was the son of a Catholic Cardinal. (before some hypocrite complains about a Cardinal having a child, Cardinals did not have to be priests during the Renaissance) Of course the patron under discussion took over from his father in the early seventeenth century, well after Galileo had begun his research and academic arguments. Galileo was a professor at the University of Padua in the late sixteenth century for example. The University of Padua was supported by the Republic of Venice and the Catholic Church at that time.

The Renaissance in Italy was a difficult time filled with competing small monarchies. The Catholic Church was the most powerful organization in Italy and maintained a very loose authority over the various city states. The monarchs of these city states worked hard to keep the balance of power between their neighbors and Rome. battles between city states were common and the side the Catholic Church supported usually won. During this time the Ottoman Empire was growing and alliance with the Catholic Church was seen as important to the survival. As a result the Catholic Church ended up controlling communications, education and publishing throughout Italy and the rest of Western Europe during the Renaissance.

Venice had political disagreements with the Catholic Church which resulted in a loss of political support and where they had been successful in holding off the Ottoman Empire in the past through their alliance with the Catholic Church once they began arguing with the Catholic Church Venice began to lose battles and foreign holdings.

Those students being taught in Italy who were really sharp, or whose parents could afford it, were educated further in science and the arts. Astrology, for example, was once taught by priests.

Long before the Catholic Church came into existence a very smart guy named Aristotle determined that the Sun revolved around the Earth. There was a big debate in Greece about whether the Sun orbited the Earth or the Earth orbited the sun, this was about 300BC. Aristotle won out and for the next almost two thousand years academia squashed any opposing theories. Einstein eventually proved that both Aristotle and Galileo correct.

Now morons out there won't get the reality, but, this ridiculous squashing of alternate theories by academia goes on today. Present an alternate theory to an academic who has a vested interest and they will turn blue in the face, denounce you as an “uneducated heretic” and if possible have you expelled, imprisoned and tortured.

Where do we see this public academic insanity today? In the debate between evolution and intelligent design, which is essentially the same debate as creation and evolution that went on during the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century with the sides reversed.

Enter Dan Brown whose research into scientific research during the Renaissance is about as shallow as the plastic wading pools parents buy at Walmart.

Brown postulates that Galileo and the Illuminati hid a “map” of clues that only people who understood science could understand.

The problem is that the vast majority of those who understood, researched and taught science during the Renaissance were priests or theologians committed to the Catholic Church so the people most likely to interpret the clues were priests. Duh.

Did the Catholic Church suppress research into areas that they did not believe were worthwhile pursuits? Yeah, duh. Universities and corporations do this all the time and they always will. The only thing that has changed is that as much as your University Professor or adviser might want to have you imprisoned and tortured for disagreeing with them they can typically only ruin your ability to graduate. Any person who has attended an institution of “higher” learning can attest to this.

Yeah, as anthropologists and psychologists have pointed out for years, people really don't change. Customs and language change over time and distance and people learn, teach, fall in love, put clothes on, eat and have babies.

One other thing that has not changed is that morons will spread ridiculous and obviously inaccurate crap as if it were a gospel handed to them by an all powerful being, like a University Professor :-)

I cannot stress how important it is to educate yourself. If you want to have an educated opinion you have to educate yourself.

How many people have I asked over the years “Who financed and published Galileo's work?” and how many do you think answered correctly? The answer is well over a hundred and I could count the number of correct answers on one hand.

Idiots who have been brain washed by other idiots and who have developed an opinion based on inaccurate information that they will DIE claiming is the truth.

If I had a dime for every “academic myth” that is taught as reality I would be rich enough to shove my opinion down everyone's throat as the “truth”. Would I do that? No, I would be the same person I am now. I do and would, if rich, encourage people to educate themselves and develop an educated opinion.

Do not get your education from Dan Brown however. The stupidity of the “Illuminati” hunt in Angels and Demons is only exceeded by the stupidity of believing that the Jewish Sanhedrin loved Christ so much that they placed his “wife's” coffin under the Holy of Holies in their most sacred temple.

Yeah, I'd buy that for a dollar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trouble for Obama

What the United States media is not making popular is that the international news media is not happy with Obama's personal sanctioning of an illegal assassination mission that killed a political and religious leader.

In spite of the media hype and venomous attacks by Democrats against George W. Bush the specific targeting of a political leader is against both international and United States law.

Obama bragged about breaking international and United States law on inter-national television.

This ain't good. In my opinion the BS charge against Clinton and Scooter Libby was crap, yeah, their answers were not exactly the absolute truth but did they deserve to be convicted of a crime? Not in my opinion. Clinton's lies didn't bug me, his calling his lover a "liar and a slut" (approximate quote) pissed me off. I can't believe people were angry at Monica Lewinsky for telling the truth about Clinton.

On the other hand Obama has taken credit for an illegal assassination mission against a political leader.

Imagine the police wanted to arrest someone for being a kiddie molester and child serial killer. The cops bust in a neighbor's door (not the scum bags home) and kill him. How would you feel about that?

Since we (citizens of the United States) were victimized by this scum bag we feel pretty good about "seeing" him dead. On the other hand our neighbors are not feeling very good about the "police".

Personally, I would have reported that Osama Bin Laden was dead, I probably would not have taken credit for "bringing him to justice". I would have just reported that he had been found dead. Good move dumping the body in the ocean. It prevents the creation of a martyr tomb.

What is worse is that the "police" didn't bust in the scum bags door, they busted in a neighbors door without any legal permission and they killed him.

Get the point?

Back in 2003 and 2004 a bunch of us argued about Bush going after Bin Laden, about the legality and the impact. Essentially after a lot of research and discussion we figured out that Bush was taking a reasonable course of action. A lot of people didn't agree. In my opinion Bush made the right call, the specific targeting of a political leader was and is illegal. By waiting until Bin Laden was apprehended during the normal course of military action and with the support of our allies Bush made a call that was legal and reduced allied angst against the United States.

Personally, I would have been happy to pull the trigger on Osama Bib Hiding myself. Personally, I thank the guys who did. Personally I am happy the scum bag is dead.

From an objective political point of view, Obama's murder is an illegal cluster f*ck that will bring a world of justifiable political hurt down on the United States.

There was a pin ball game I used to play in my twenties. When you screwed up it would say, "bad move human". It is a term I have used whenever I see someone make a really bad move.

Hey Obama, bad move human.

Friday, May 06, 2011

The End of the World as We Know IT

I just finished reading a book called “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. It is a good book and it is well worth reading. The guy does not understand people well and his understanding of technical details is very poor.

Forstchen is a military history guy and those guys typically study leaders because they believe the leaders were important. What a load of crap. When the shit hits the fan the leaders are not going to matter much at all. While good leaders can help pool and distribute resources the most important resource leaders have is the people they lead.

In the book Forstchen talks about some crazy Christian cult growing up in Knoxville Tennessee. That is about as likely to happen as Santa Clause coming to town in a C-130 dropping daisies. Knoxville is a college town. It is the closest large city to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a place where I have been privileged enough to work. There are so many highly educated, competent engineers and technicians in the Knoxville area that the idea the population would suddenly twist into some perverted Christian cult is ridiculous.

The issues with food in the book are basically accurate, but, there are so many errors that I can't even begin to explain them.

Your basic military ground vehicle does not need to be hardened against a EMP because it does not rely on solid state electronics. The fuel injection system on the common “deuce and a half”, the staple two and a half ton truck of the military is a mechanical system. The solid state electronics in these vehicles are not related to operations. These solid state systems are diagnostic monitoring systems and you can start and run a deuce and a half with them totally fried.

Most radios would not be turned on at the time of an EMP and so would work just fine. Forstchen is right about computers, cars and many other devices though because these devices maintain tiny amounts of power draw. A lot of laptops will end up okay if they are un-plugged and inside though. It has to do with how the EMP travels.

Forstchen is wrong about most home emergency generators though. Most of these will be shut down and will not be turned on.

Most generator systems that are solid state are contained inside of grounded steel housings with louvered vents which would act as basic shielding for an EMP. It is possible that EMP pulses would travel through wiring in a building and blow these, but, unlikely. Because of issues with connecting emergency generators the switches, which are often solid state, are connected in such a way that power is either to the power lines or the generator. The vast majority of correctly connected emergency generators are not connected to the grid. Many of these systems do have solid state systems which are always on which, even though enclosed in housing which act as shielding, may blow. However, these systems are typically not essential to operation and any reasonably good tech can bypass the solid state electronics pretty quickly, in hours.

Not only that, but, the vast majority of lawn mowers out there could be converted into generators producing about 1000 watts of 110V easily and the technical understanding to do that is as far away as the low income, uneducated shop rat who never even spoke to a Phd. More than a few of us have knocked up 12V generators by tossing an alternator on a lawnmower and we could do it again pretty easily. Sticking a washing machine motor on instead and making up some capacitors from plastic and aluminum foil would produce a useable 120V generator. Me and millions of other guys don't need a book to do this, we need some hand tools.

There are more pre-solid state vehicles out there than Forstchen knows about, I count two on my block not including military vehicles.

In the book a little girl who is a type one diabetic dies because she can't get insulin. Insulin is a little more difficult, but, between 1922 and sometime in the 1970's it was extracted from the pancreas of cows and pigs. I am not a medical or biological technician, but, you can bet some low paid person working in some hospital laboratory has a basic idea how to do the job and with some help could put together the equipment (run from generators made with old washing machine motors if need be) to make insulin. I bet there are a few thousand guys who could do this off the cuff, and a million who could do it after a little reading.

Penicillin is the same kind of a problem, and the answer is not with some history professor it is again with some lower income technician that all the leaders ignore and who knows how to make stuff work.

Me, I am just another tool maker and manufacturing engineer. There are millions like me all across the United States who could knock together water filters from sand and charcoal, put together a wind powered water pump, convert an old water cooled engine into a generator with a built in water pump and even make machine guns out of steel fence posts used for chain link fencing.

The leaders will have the problems because they won't know what to do and they will want to be in charge, like the hero of the book. In real life the guys like me, the cops and the tool makers and the technicians will just make things work while “leaders” sit around arguing.

Hungry? Eat tree bark. No kidding, you have some in your kitchen now, people call it cinnamon. Most tree bark is edible. Need some calories? Drink birch syrup. Most tree sap is edible too. Stay away from most soft wood. Yuck.

Got some kite string? Know how to make a square knot? Make a net and string it in a creek or in a tree to catch fish or squirrels or birds. Yeah, it's illegal unless you are a Native American.

Do you know how many kids make potato cannons or tennis ball mortars behind their parents back? My best friend and I once nearly burned down my mother's house because we loved shooting off flaming tennis balls and watching them fly through the air. Ever shoot a beer bottle filled with rocks from a simple pipe mortar? Better watch out here, some nutcase from the government might start trying to chase me down because of something I did when I was eleven or twelve.

I could even leech saltpeter out of dirt by pouring water through it. Yep, it is just that easy. Know the formula for gun powder? 7-3-1 Seven saltpeter, 3 charcoal, 1 sulfur. You could even get it backwards, 7 charcoal, 3 saltpeter and 1 sulfur. Any tech worth his salt peter could do some experiments and figure out the "best" mix. Millions of us have this info floating around in our heads.

Did you know you can shoot bullets with gasoline? Yep, I could explain, but, this ain't about telling you how to make a better gun, it is about how uninformed our leadership really is about technology.

Oh, and typically people who own twenty two rifles and do any shooting buy a box of 500 rounds of twenty two ammo. A box of 500 is called a brick. The ammo is cheaper and the brick will last a couple of years for most shooters. A box of 50 can cost a couple of bucks, typically a box of 500 runs about 30% cheaper and I have shot ammo that is twenty years old.

The truth is that there are more guys like me than there are guys like Forstchen. Gingrich or Capt. Sanders. In reality we don't need these guys, they need us and they don't even understand why. They think we are as technologically inept as they are.

See, we go figure out how things work and we put them to work for us and then we make them work better, then some guy in a suit shows up to take over and pretend they did something. Always happens. Total crap.

Leaders are useful when people need to co-operate on large projects like war. Other than that they just get in the way. All management is local management. All politics are local politics. Read Chesty Puller's biography and learn that it isn't the high level managers who get the job done, they just set some goals.

Guys like me figure out how to do it and we get it done and I am not unique. There are millions of guys just like me out there who can make a net, make a gun, rig up a generator and if we have to figure out how to go back to making insulin and penicillin the way they did in the '30s we can even though we will never make as much money as the smooth talking BS artists who think they run the world.

If the entire US or even a small part of it is disabled by an EMP all these moronic “leaders” just need to stay out of the way like usual and guys like me will kill the bad guys, clean the water and turn the lights back on. Then the morons can take credit for it and build a statue of themselves for themselves.

Like Sam Gamgee, the rest of us will just head for home and enjoy our families after we save the world.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Your Opinion

I like researching issues to develop an opinion. While everyone has a right to their opinion I find that some opinions are more educated than others. I publish things that I believe may encourage people to research issues further and develop their own educated opinions.

Maybe the reason “you” are having an issue publishing is that you don't believe “your” opinion can be useful.

There are a lot of people who will try and make people who have opinions that differ from theirs feel as if they don't matter. I find teachers typically fall into this category,particularly f you ask "to many questions" or if they interpret questions as an attack on their authority.

When I was in school I used to keep trying things over and over again that others claimed were impossible. If a teacher said something that disagreed with something else I had read I questioned them and then researched the issue. This made me a target for a lot of teachers and a lot of kids. People called me stupid for saying things like “Einstein was wrong” or “The US will probably end up becoming friends with Russia” or “Sea level is not the same all over the world, look at Panama”.

I still question everything people say and because my teachers in elementary school taught a lot of incorrect things in, history, politics, economics, science, and other things I have learned not to ever trust what any one person tells me. Sometimes I don't trust what “everyone” tells me is correct like Einstein or Evolution. Theories especially, I do my own research on theories.

When I was in high school a teacher was trying to explain relativity. I said, “so the sun orbits the earth, relativity speaking” which it does. In Einstein's book he described relativity using trains, a person on the train is not moving relative to the train and the ground outside is moving relative to the train. Taking Einstein's example we can replace the train with the Earth and suddenly the Earth is not moving it is the sun that moves. Now Aristotle is not a moron, just someone who understood relative motion even if he could not properly describe it. The teacher became angry with me and told me I was an idiot because I didn't understand that the Earth only revolved around the sun. Obviously the teacher was incapable of understanding the implications of Einstein's relativity and couldn't teach something they couldn't understand.

Now most people would have been embarrassed and I am sure most of my classmates don't remember my specific comments like this, they only remember I was an idiot who argued with the teacher.

I was ecstatic because once a teacher results to ridicule or insults I know I am right and the teacher is wrong and just trying to save their own ignorant butt. I also know most people are too afraid of their peers to rock the boat and even those kids that did agree with me would never admit it because they would be thought to be an idiot.

Teachers are basically well intentioned ignorant people afraid to admit or display their own ignorance. In other words they are no smarter or better educated than you are on most subjects. In fact, because teachers study teaching instead of things like history, math and science you may know much, much more about these subjects than any teacher.

I can count on one hand the times a teacher agreed with me against a class full of kids because teachers operate in a “peer pressure” environment and even when they know they are wrong they are going to change the subject or “attack” the “trouble maker”.

Teachers, parents and other system officials are doing everything they can to train people to submit to authority rather than educate them in how to think and question authority.

Personally I learn from almost everyone, even the stupid teachers who withheld their approval and gave me crappy grades because they thought I wanted the approval.

Not exactly, although like most people I enjoy praise. I would rather learn something than be approved of. I would rather help others learn than be approved of.

Sometimes your track record is more important that approval. If you don't blow your own horn someone else will use it as a spittoon. On the other hand people hate feeling stupid even when they obviously are and they feel even dumber when you keep doing things that they can't or couldn't do.

People will often ignore what is correct for what s popular, just as kids and teachers do in school and our educational system indoctrinates people into this ridiculous idiocy.

Once you understand how stupid and ignorant people can be two things should occur to you.

The first is that you are no better and no worse than any one else. Your opinion is just as important as Einstein's and just as worthless as Charles Manson's.

The second is that the only way to evolve intellectually is to constantly question and discuss even “laws” like gravity or the conservation of energy.

The third thing to remember is that people who laugh at you for questioning things they take for granted, things “everyone knows”, are just brain washed idiots whose ability to think is so compromised that they cannot understand their own ignorance. You should feel sorry for them as you remember that their opinion, as ignorant and brain washed as it is, can be useful.

How can the words of an obviously compromised idiot be useful? The wise man learns even from the child. “From the mouths of babes” is an old saying that is always worth remembering. Sure, they are ignorant morons, but, since “you” (or me or anyone) can not possibly know everything the person “you” are talking to knows things that “you” don't and those things can be useful to “you”.

So if you are an intelligent person on a quest for knowledge and understanding or just a moron blowing off steam your opinions are useful whoever you are.

Sure, the morons who think they know everything will claim you bring nothing to the table. You obviously know things they don't know. The wise man will seek out that knowledge and the moron will ignore it.

The first thing a researcher does when examining an issue is review bibliographies of published works looking for the “expert” everyone else is referencing. Then the researcher reads what the expert has to say. The surface researcher trying for a basic grasp will stop here. The more thorough researcher will read almost everything published on the subject because even if a paper has never been referenced in another paper it can still be a useful and important paper filled with information the researcher can use. Or it can be a ridiculous rant with hardly a shred of information.

In the end, share your thoughts and ideas for wise people who know that even in the worst pages of moronic rant filled with propaganda and ignorance there are gems of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Sure, morons will attack you as being worthless when you share your opinion. Some people will open discussions with you and you can learn even more from each other. Others will ignore you.

If writing out your opinion does nothing else, it will accomplish two goals. It will encourage you to think and become a better person. It will allow others to learn from you.