Friday, June 19, 2009

Plame the administrative assitant

A few years ago I caught someone from an IP address registered to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington trying to hack into my computer. Now I have their servers blocked. That won't stop a real hacker since a real hacker will use an anonymizer, but, it does stop the kind of moron who hacks from their own server.

CREW is currently trying to go after former Vice President Cheney for potentially revealing Valerie Plame's name to the press.

First, to go after anyone for revealing a covert CIA agents name you have to PROVE the person was a covert CIA agent. Plame was working at a public CIA office and had the words CIA printed on her business cards. She was not in any way, shape or form a covert agent.

A bunch of idiots have claimed that she was a covert agent while her husband was an ambassador. That makes a kind of John LeCar type of sense, but, in the real world covert agents have to be both expendable and flexible in their posting location.

The possible diplomatic repercussions from catching a member of an ambassadorial family in a situation where they could be considered a spy would ruin the ability of any ambassador to negotiate.

While the idea of an ambassador's wife being a spy makes a good story with more than enough conflict to interest the reader IN reality cooperation is more important than conflict in diplomacy.

Between movies, books and dysfunctional families the US citizenry has been propagandized to believe that conflict is normal. It isn't.

Eventual conflict between people is not necessary. It is only probable in a nation so dysfunctional that the citizenry believes conflict is unavoidable.

In reality the same people in love with the plot conflict of an ambassador's wife being a spy are the same Ugly Americans that so many complain about.

The reality is that you either seek ways to work with people or you seek conflict with them.

Look at the conflict created in protests. These same people claimed to be able to bring world peace by working together with others.

The really stupid thing is that so many people in the United States have become so dysfunctional that they believe those who create huge public conflicts can actually somehow create co-operation also.

CREW is just another conflict creating organization. They create conflict because conflict sells. Conflict sells fiction to the functional world.

Conflict sells politics only to the dysfunctional person.

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