Thursday, June 18, 2009

Perfect example of moronic crap propaganda

Check out the bottom paragraphs.

In one paragraph the article claims that in 2008 30,000 weapons were seized and 7,200 submitted for tracing. Notice that there is no statistic on how many were actually traced to the US.

In the bottom paragraph the article claims that in the last 5 years 20,000 firearms were traced to the US AND that these 20,000 represent 87% of firearms seized.

If 20,000 firearms did represent 87% of firearms seized in the last 5 years then the total number of firearms seized over the last 5 years would be around 23,000.

Compare that 23,000 over five years to 30,000 seized in 2008.

People actually believe this moronic crap.

Reporters who write this garbage and the editors who publish this garbage should be forced to attend elementary school over again.

People who use crap like this to defend their ridiculous and uneducated opinions should be forced to wear a dunce cap and their right to vote should be terminated until they can pass a 6th grade math test.

The full report is at:

Essentially the report explains that over the last 5 years 87% of traced firearms (page 2) have been traced back to the United States.

Only 25% of firearms are traced so only about 22% of firearms seized in Mexico are traced back to the United States.

Of those traced back to the US approximately 80% are from dealers and 15% are from pawn shops leaving approximately 5% purchased from gunshows or individuals. That is about 1.1% of the firearms traced back to the United States MIGHT have been purchased at a gun show or from an individual.

The ridiculously stupid premise behind this report is the idea that because Mexico traced 22% of the firearms they seized back to the United States the same portion of firearms that they did not trace back to the United States must be from the United States.

There might me some credence to this idea IF the sampling of firearms was random. The sampling is not. Police in Mexico have limited means so they trace the firearms most likely to have come from the United States.

This report is pure, unadulterated propaganda and the news reports based on this report are even worse.

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