Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Breaks the Law and justifies his criminal behavior

Obama fired an Inspector General.

Obama helped write a law preventing the firing of an inspector general without good cause. Obama's law states that Congress must be informed 30 days before an inspector general can be fired. Obama's law is intended to increase the openness of government and prevent firings for political reasons.

The inspector general in question had investigated an Obama supporter for coruption and found the person corupt.

Obama broke the law in removing the inspector general.

After Obama broke the law he began a smear campaign against the former inspector general in an attempt to justify his criminal action.

I really don't care why Obama broke the law. Every person in prison has a reason why they broke the law.

Obama broke the law.

If the removal was not for political reasons there is no reason to break the law. If the person was incapable of doing the job the correct procedure for dismissal should have been followed.

The procedure was not followed because of the time constraints. The crook that the inspector general exposed was about to receive more government money and the inspector general had insisted that the law preventing the crook from receiving more money be followed.

If Obama had not broken the law concerning the firing of the inspector general Obama would not have been able to break the law concerning giving more money to crooks.

Obama should be impeached for his criminal actions.

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