Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another half-hearted appology for slavery

The Democrats constantly refuse to accept responsibility for their genocidal past, prefering to re-write history by pretending everyone is guilty for the institution of slavery.

When NAZI Germany was beaten the political party that caused the genocide of Jews in Europe was disbanded. NAZI symbols have become repugnent.

In the United States the Pro-Slavery political symbol of the most genocidal President,Democrat Andrew Jackson, is ignored.

Jackson promised his Democratic supporters that he was as stuborn as a mule and Slavery would continue under his leadership.

This genocidal icon of the Democrats is on the $20 bill and his pro-slavery donkey symbol is used to represent the political party of oppression.

Democrats dress up blacks to serve todayin politics the same way they dressed up slaves in Confederate grey. Just because Andrew Jackson was 1/4 black, just because a black person fights under the stars and bars of the Confederate Battle Flag, just because a black person serves as a member of the genocidal political party does not mean the genocide of Africans in the United States should go unanswered.

The Leadership of the Democratic party should appoligize for the political support of the genocide of blacks in the United States.

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