Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama the Quarter Pounder

The obese citizenry of the United States is beginning to realize that Barack Obama is nothing but a fast food burger, looks good, tastes good at first bite but by the time it hits your stomach it is lead and a few days later it is all fat everyplace you don't want it.

Is it any wonder that the Micky D's culture of the United States voted a Quarter Pounder into the presidency?

Can a nation where the majority of people can't make decent choices about food really choose good leaders?

Different people have different ideas of what good food is. That isn't the problem. The problem is an obese nation buying a burger at a fast food restaurant. No one in their right mind believes a quarter pounder is good healthy food.

Obama has no political experience to speak of. Obama is the fast food of the political world. Cook him up quick, dress him up pretty, advertise him and shove him in front of a hungry crowd.

An obese nation gobbled Obama up and now that digestion has begun the flatulence starts.

A few more months, maybe a year, and everyone but the die hard fast food fans will know they made a mistake that they have to live with for a while more.

The worst thing is that the first obviously black President will be a failure.

The best thing that Barack Obama has done and will ever do is prove that a black person can be elected President in the United States.

For the United States it is all downhill into an unhealthy financial obesity from that.

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