Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran Blames the US!

What else is new?

Who installed the Shah of Iran? Winston Churchill.

Who should the Iranians blame for the actions of the Shah?

The United States!

I will bet Obama "Winston Churchill wouldn't stoop to torture, well, except for authorizing the torture of my grandfather during the Kenyan revolution" thinks the United States installed the Shah of Iran.

Ignorant politicians and voters whose entire political understanding is driven by propaganda make me sick.

One of these days Obama should attend a basic high school world history class to learn about the history of the UK and Iran.

Ooops, that probably won't work because high school history teachers in the United States spout more propaganda than the Ayatollah himself.

To bad Obama and the vast majority of liberal democrats are illiterate or they would be able to read and learn something.

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