Friday, March 14, 2014

Violent abusers, pseudo-christians and stupid people

I was talking with a woman the other day and she told me that if there is a problem, I should confront it immediately.  That made me laugh.

My father was a piece of work.  When I was 6 he told me I wasn't his child because I didn't have a chin dimple.  He was always angry and frustrated with me and he hit me regularly.  As a child there was never any way to avoid being hit, no place I could hide and I couldn't out run him.  As I got older he stopped because I got bigger than he was.  He hated me my whole life and when he died I received nothing.

My mother was an alcoholic who actually rewarded me after my father punished me.  Essentially I was "Pavlov's dog"

Jumping around a bit?  No.

Children learn from their parents.  My father taught me to always react, to pretty much any situation, with anger and frustration and to hit people.  School taught me differently so I grew up without any real foundation in behavior.  I was always going to be punished so nothing was either good or bad.  What I learned is that since there aren't any real rules, whatever I could get away with was okay.  As I got older I got away with more and more.  It really isn't hard to get away with anything.

These days I rarely confront poor behavior immediately, because if I did I might confront it violently.  I'll just shut down and confront it when I am sure I can confront it without killing someone.  This means people often treat me like a door mat, and I would rather be a door mat than hurt people any more.  It is a Christian thing.....

Christianity is like that.  My childhood taught me a lot about relative morality and hypocrisy.

Christ tells us to witness the Good News of the forgiveness of Sin through Christ, whose sacrifice on the cross made salvation available to anyone who accepts the gift.

But, what do pseudo-christians witness?  The forgiveness of sin?  No, they witness their understanding of the LAW from which we have been released.  Pseudo-christians witness Creation, abortion, homosexuality, anything which can distract people from the Good News of Forgiveness.

The Bible is a good tool for learning how to live, when the Holy Spirit guides us in our study.

The Bible does not, in any way, give anyone authority to tell anyone else how they should live.

Christ tells us Christians should be servants.  Do servants have the authority to tell anyone how to live?  How to behave?  What to do?

Of course not.  Masters tell people what to do.

Very occasionally a trusted and beloved servant may get away with some critique of their master's behavior.  Occasionally.

So why do so many Christian's think the Bible gives them the authority to become the masters, giving orders which must be obeyed and criticizing everyone else's behavior?

Satan of course.  What better way to disrupt the Good News of Forgiveness than by convincing people that they must force others to follow a Law from which Christ released us?

The greatest sin, the unforgivable sin, is to witness along side the Holy Ghost.   The Greek word that is translated to "against" actually means "along side", as in "against the wall".  By convincing pseudo-christians to witness "along side" the Good News by constantly berating people about the Law, Satan drives "believers" into hell and "unbelievers" into hell.

Satan has a great plan and Satan is executing it brilliantly.  Twist the Good News spread by pseudo-believers into Criticism, Humiliation and Ridicule and enforcement of a Law from which we have been released.  That sends the Pseduo-believers to hell.  The pseudo-believers drive the unbelievers away from Christ and so the unbelievers end up in hell.

In the meantime guys like me, who refuse to follow the pseudo-christians, who insist on applying the Bible to themselves and not to others, who talk about Forgiveness and Love and who rebuke pseudo-christians, are berated and called blasphemers.

Could Satan have a more perfect plan?

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