Thursday, March 06, 2014

medications and being emotional

So I had this ridiculous dating fiasco.  This isn't about that as much as it is about medications and how they affect us, but, I think the dating fiasco influenced my meds.....

My primary care doctor sent me to an endocrinologist.  They checked me over, my blood sugar is high so they sent me to a nurse practitioner who specializes in diabetes management.  I really liked her so I made a pass and got her phone number.  (Score one for the big guy, NOT)

That is the only medical appointment I had with her and she prescribed a medication called "clomid" to boost my testosterone and change the way my endocrine system was working.

Yeah, I've been wondering why I felt so wacked.  "clomid" is used to treat infertility in women and it messes with hormones and emotions like .....she did.

I quit taking the stuff this morning.  Hopefully in a week or so I will be back to normal.  This stuff can cause depression, so taking this med on top of the grief I have been dealing with has probably been a bad idea.

In addition one of the more common side effects is bloating and since I am now prone to congestive heart failure this medicine was probably a bad choice for me.

The other medication she prescribed, for my diabetes, I am going to continue to take.

It makes me wonder, did this woman prescribe a medication she knew would mess with my emotional health on purpose or by accident?  Did she totally blow it off when I discussed my grief issues with her?

In any case, I am, once again, amazed at my own ignorance.  I should have figured out my change in mood, the intense feelings of grief, these last two months, could have been caused by the new medications.  I stupidly put my faith in a medical professional that I know now is wacked.

On another, similar, note, when I created that profile on the dating website "ms I love you but I have to dump you because you made a single snide remark" was using, a woman who works in my primary care physicians office sent me a message, which I ignored, and she has been dicking me around on appointments.  Just my luck, attract a vindictive woman while I am breaking up with a nut.

So what did this big guy learn from this mess?
1: Don't date if your head isn't clear from the past.
2: Pay more attention to your meds, John Boy.

Oh well, serves me right for trying to date before I get my head out of this grief crap.  It will be a while before I actually try and date again and I will pay more attention to my meds.  In the mean time, I think I will try boosting my testosterone the old fashioned way, pumping iron.

There is no better way to get something off your chest than actually pushing something off your chest.

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