Saturday, June 18, 2016

"righteousness", genocide and Internet Stalkers

One of the things that amazes me is people who have no control in their lives.  These are the abusers, the people who are constantly trying to force people to abide by their beliefs.

Parents beating children into submission.  Anonymous blackmailing, extorting and intimidating people.  Bullies at school.  Politicians.  Religious fanatics.

I'm opinionated and I'm not shy about sharing my opinions.  They are generally well thought out, and when they are not I generally learn something from an exchange.  I'm not perfect and I fall into the same traps others fall into, I just do it less often and I spend more time educating myself.

But, there are those who cloak themselves in "righteousness" and they stalk people, abusing them, "for the greater good".  They become the inciters of genocide, killing those people "who are not right".

I've always been amazed at them, the older I've gotten the more amazed I have been.  I thought it hilarious when righteous fanatics in anonymous adopted the image of a righteous religious fanatic who tried to kill King James for having the Bible translated into English.

Like most of us, Julian Assange, anonymous, are not perfect.  In some cases they do a lot of good.  Wikileaks is a perfect example of an organization which increases public transparency of oppressive organizations.  Extorting popstars or whatever is a perfect example of oppressive scum.

Like ignorance, abusive behavior is something we all engage in.

The word "schooled" is a synonym for "humiliating defeat" because teachers, those we entrust to educate ourselves and our children often humiliate students.  We see it in movies.  We see it in classrooms.  We laugh.  We do the same things, like teachers, like parents, we bully, ridicule and humiliate each other.

Christianity is interesting because, alone among religions, it teaches forgiveness through faith.  All other religions teach punishment.  Christ teaches that if we have a problem with another person we shouldn't have anything to do with that person.  Matthew 18.  There is no punishment in the New Testament.  Everyone who repents and believes is saved, regardless of their sins.  The last becomes first and the first becomes last because all are equal.

Most Christians don't hear that.  They hear the same old story from all other religions, karma, law, good behavior, social hierarchy, secures a place in paradise and they demand punishment.  It is sad.  The book is there, most can read, few actually think about what they read.

We see what we want to see.  We see our own righteousness and without being psychotic there is no way to be completely emotionally detached and totally objective.

We can train ourselves provided we decide we will learn.  Few do, and that amazes me.

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