Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Christ is a Fat, depressed, drunk?

If Christ came back as a fat, depressed drunk carrying a sidearm would you flock to him?

Matt 11:19 describes Christ as a Glutton. If I described an emaciated man as a glutton people would think me crazy. The idols, or icons, we make generally depict an emaciated man, but, if Christ had been emaciated describing him as a glutton would have destroyed the credibility of those describing Christ. Scripture describes Christ as being a glutton, overweight, fat.

Luke 7:34 describes Christ as a winebibber. Someone who drinks too much wine. A drunk. This is not as easy to prove as a being overweight, but, it doesn't matter. Christ is perceived as, and described as, a drunk by people.

Isaiah 53:3 tells us that Christ is a man of sorrows, rejected and despised. Depressed in the current language.

Luke 22:36 describes Christ as telling his disciples to sell their clothes and buy swords, the popular sidearm of the era. We know one of the swords belonged to Peter, John 18:10. Who carried the other sword? Was a Christ a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of guy or was Christ a “do as I do” kind of guy? If Christ is a “do as I do” we can assume he carried that second sword. We know he attacked people in the temple with a scourge, similar to what he was whipped with. John 2:15

Scripture describes Christ, arguably, as a fat, depressed drunk carrying and using a weapon.

In our culture, and many others, this description is derogatory and truthfully the reason Christ was crucified, despised and rejected because people perceived of him as being a “bad person”.

I figure history repeats so when Christ comes back he will be perceived of as a bad person by most people, just as he was two thousand years ago.

I'm ready for that because God opened my eyes. I look around and I see many people who have their own idea, just as the Jewish people did, of a conquering hero rather than a fat depressed drunk. I know God does things God's way and is not really interested in submitting to the will of people.
I don't depend on my understanding of how Christ is going to be when Christ comes back. I'm going to depend on recognizing Christ's voice, however people describe Christ.

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