Monday, June 20, 2016

Firearm liability and black markets

Some idiots are trying to sue the group that manufactured the rifle used in the Sandyhook elementary school shooting.  Bushmaster is owned by Cerberus Capital through a subsidiary called "Freedom Group".

This is a frivolous lawsuit.  The suit itself cannot be won, it is intended as an intimidation device to be used to extort money from a firearms manufacturer.

The problem is that these kinds of situations increase black market activity.

It is not illegal to use the justice system in the United States to cost corporations money by suing them.  It is a misuse of the justice system, a perversion, a way of causing damages legally.

Lawsuits are expensive to address and there are many, many different tricks that some lawyers use to cause damages to other legally.

This creates anger and sometimes a desire to obtain revenge.  Since the misuse of the system was designed to stop a manufacturer from making something, some of those people who have been unemployed, or consumers who enjoyed the products produced by the organization, as a result of the immoral and unjust acts of extortion can obtain revenge by manufacturing the products in hiding.

This has been true of alcohol, recreational drugs like ecstasy or meth, revolutionary pamphlets and weapons.

When people engage in excessive punitive activities, as determined by those being punished, consumers, employees, supporters, those being "punished" often rebel.  Make no mistake, "fans" identify with the object of their attention and feel "hurt" when what or who ever they are fans of is "punished", especially unfairly.  Sometimes with hidden, impotent actions like spitting in food.  Sometimes by blowing up federal office buildings.   Often doing something inbetween these extremes.

These actions may very well cause Bushmaster to go out of business, but, the unfair way that the legal system is being misused will cause animosity.

This is incredibly stupid and it will backfire.  Most people are like me, they will just go build their own.  Some people are not, some people are wacked and some people are going to do wacked things because they are angry about inequity.

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