Friday, June 17, 2016


 I have news for anyone who claims to be Christian and is talking about how people get what they deserve.

People are judged the way they judge.  All have fallen short of God's glory.  If you believe people get what they deserve, I guarantee you will get what you deserve.

Do yourself and everyone you witness to a favor.  Start witnessing the Good News of the Forgiveness of Sin by Faith.  Forgive and you will be forgiven, and incidentally, you won't get what you deserve, you'll be forgiven.

Remember Job and how God reacted towards Job's 3 friends who told Job that God was righteous and Job was getting what Job deserved.

Something I want to point out, a lot of people teach the commandments of men as doctrine.  God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a fruit to be desired to make one wise, and people will say God wants us to pray for wisdom.  Solomon did exactly that and ended up worshipping other Gods.

An Apostle is one sent by Christ with the message, there were at least 70 and their genders are not specified, yet people teach there were only 12 and they were all men.

If we read the Southern Baptist Conventions resolutions on abortion over the years, first in favor of legalized abortion in some cases, later against all abortion, none of those resolutions address Exodus 21:22, the only scripture which addresses abortion.

I could list a hundred things people teach as doctrine that are not scriptural, yet, people twist scripture to support.

If you Google "even if a brother has done us wrong" you might find some essays about scripture, including the ideas that one should not discuss the issue because it would damage the credibility of the brother.  This is common Catholic and Protestant theology, based on John 13:34, "love others" scripture.

Now, suppose people behave badly towards an individual.  Teaching Biblical falsehoods, lying, treating a person badly and they pretend righteousness.  Suppose the individual points out these sins, maybe once out of a hundred, and the vilified person is even more vilified.

Based on that scenario, how does God judge the people involved?

The truth is, God doesn't.  Grace and the forgiveness of sin through Christ covers those who believe.

But, do people who teach false doctrines actually believe in Christ or do they believe what people say about Christ?

I say, stick with prayer and scripture.  Believe in receiving direction and instruction and what we ask for and believe we shall receive.  This way, we learn to depend on God and we are not cursed by trust in people.

Here is another of those things people can only understand through Christ's perspective of Grace.

People will be judged as they judge.

If one judges as Christ, which is to say not at all since Christ is about the Good News of forgiveness of Sin by Faith, one is forgiven as they forgive.

But, if one judges by Law, one is held accountable by Law.

People will be separated into sheep and goats.  People whose faith is in Christ, who forgave, who listened to Christ and know Christ's voice, follow Christ and end up with the sheep.

Those who depend on their understanding of scripture, who judge by the law, who do not know Christ's voice, they end up with the goats.

The issue is, to refuse to judge people and allow people to judge for themselves is a judgment.  People will be judged as they judge.

This is a statement like, the first shall be last, which happens when everyone is equal.  The first become last and the last become first.

But, to place faith in my explanation would be to place trust in people, which Jeremiah tells us is wrong, cursed be the man who trusts in man.  Even if people believe what I say about Christ, their belief is misplaced since they are believing in what I say rather than in Christ.

Scripture is pretty simple, we just need "God glasses" to read it, easily found, completely free and delivered on demand by the Holy Ghost.

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