Monday, December 03, 2012

People are stupid

80% of people are ridiculously stupid.  Another 18% are just stupid and maybe 2% of people in the world are smart enough to make things work.

There are about 7 billion people in the world.  How many people can the world support?  About 4.4 billion.  I won't bore you with how I determined that number, it is based on the amount of resources required to grow food in a sustainable way.  If you were one of the 2% you would understand and probably agree.

I'm smarter than you.

People don't hide their reactions very well.  When I want to know how smart someone is I tell them I am smarter than they are.  80% of people respond by becoming upset or annoyed, etc.  18% respond by essentially ignoring the comment while either becoming condescending or laughing and 2% (and this is rare) by understanding what I said.

See, I didn't say "I'm smarter than you", even though those were the words that were coming out of my mouth.  What I said was "how smart are you?"

If you have no clue what I am talking about and are getting annoyed you are one of the 80% of people.

If you are laughing and asking yourself what kind of reaction I am looking for you are in the smarter portion of the 18%.  If you are annoyed and you think I am arrogant you are in the stupider portion of the 18%.

If you understood that the only reason someone would say something like that is because they wanted to observe a reaction then you are in the 2%.  If you are annoyed I used the time based then rather than the comparative than you are annoying and need to chill.

Communications are based on content, not form and if improper grammar or bad spelling or etc annoy you then you are a problem.

If I just lost you it only means you are in the 80%.

We are talking about communications.  Not the method of communication, but, the content of communications.

What people are saying, not how they are saying it.

I say "I'm smarter than you are".  My actual communication is, "How smart are you?"  Morons focus on the form of communication, the way I phrased my question, and smart people focus on the content of the communication.

This is an easy one.

Communicating with people is a lot like doing a crossword puzzle and this is why there are so many problems in the world.  Most people are really crappy at crosswords.  People are really arrogant too.  Prove a negative?  Not possible, but, morons will claim they can every day.  If you ever hear someone say that a negative can be proved run, saying something like that means the person thinks they know everything and can define every possible scenario.

People are stupid.  They need stuff handed to them on a silver platter all laid out and explained for them, but, they don't want to do the same for other people.

I don't exempt myself from this.  The difference between myself and most other people is that they exempt themselves.  The more complex something is the more questions I ask and the dumber people think I am and the dumber or more arrogant people think I am the dumber I know they are.

People don't understand how difficult communications are.  Essentially most people, the 80%, think everyone thinks the same way they do and communicating is easy.  People in the 2% are willing to take the time to communicate and understand each other.  The 18% will range from stupid to almost smart.

People in the 2% are willing to focus on the content of the communication.

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