Thursday, December 06, 2012

Bob Costas is a moron

No one agrees about everything with anyone.  No one disagrees about everything with anyone.  People who think they have the right to force others to adopt their opinions and beliefs as reality are destroying this world.

“Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20′s and 30′s, aggressive young men subject to impulses, without something bad happening,” said Costas.  Apparently aggressive young men with guns are all bad.  Thanks for that glowing endorsement of the United States military!

Bob Costas is an idiot who believes his opinions and beliefs are reality.  The guy is living in a totalitarian fantasy world where people who disagree with him are "wrong" and "bad".  People like Costas make this world a very bad place.  He is still defending his belief that things are evil and bad things would not happen if people didn't have bad things.

Lets look at that.  California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.  In 2010 California had more murders than any other state.  2011 stats are not posted yet, way to be transparent Obama!

69.4% of murders in California are committed with a firearm.  Of those murders 52% were committed with handguns and 11% were committed with an "unknown" type of firearm.  Unknown is a euphemism for "zip gun".

I have written blogs on the unregulated economic black markets that restrictive laws always result in.  If there is a demand and resources to supply that demand a market will develop regardless of what totalitarian morons trying to force everyone to abide by their beliefs think.  Want a cure for cancer?  You can buy one.  Will it work?  Probably not, but, you can buy it.  Prostitution, the war on drugs, all examples of black markets created by restrictive laws.

Okay, but guns are complicated are gun powder is complicated so we can make laws that restrict those things and ...... create more black markets.

I can design and build a propane, natural gas, gasoline or even lighter fluid powered gun.  A company brought out a propane powered paint ball gun, but, they stopped selling them.  Converting a paint ball gun into something that shoots 1/4" ball bearings really ain't difficult. 

The easiest firearm to build is a sub machine gun.  I could explain, but, I am not going to.  In Israel during the British occupation the Israelis built underground manufacturing plants where they built guns and ammo.  One of the guns they built the most of was a copy of the Sten sub machine gun.

I have no use for morons.  People develop the most ridiculous, ignorant (uneducated), opinions and believe those opinions have some basis in reality.

My brother and I once argued about safety.  He believed (and believes) that overloading a small, powered open boat in mildly rough weather is safer than leaving people with a small (row) open boat for an hour.

Which of us is right?

Neither of us really, we just have differing opinions.  Sure, my kid brother is in the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard has manufacturers put a tag on boats that specify the weight limit.  My brother believes that his opinion on overloading boats is better than the regulations of the organization he works for.

At the same time, he believes that leaving his family on an island without a power boat is wrong, except when he decides it is ok since he actually does it all the time.

Logically I make a pretty good case for my opinion.  If my brother had developed an opinion from ignorance, if his opinion or beliefs were uneducated, my position would be different.  To me this argument was just a power play since my use of reason and safety were objective and his educated opinion was based on subjective "I'm right, you are wrong" analysis.  Brett does this all the time and he never apologizes when he is wrong, never admits being wrong.  At least not to me, sibling rivalry stuff.

Does the subjective analysis used make my brother wrong?  No, because my brother is well educated on small boat safety his decision to disregard Coast Guard safety recommendation and enforce his own inconsistent "safety regulations" makes his argument or position unreasonable, not wrong.  His opinion is educated.  Unreasonable, but, educated and not "wrong".

Bob Costas is wrong.  He is developing subjective and ignorant opinions.  He isn't bothering to educate himself on the issues.  The guy is a moron.  Bob Costas, and most anti-gun idiots are wrong.  They are ignorant and in my opinion are too stupid to know just how ignorant they are.

This is not the semi-totalitarian monarchy of Britain.  This is the United States.  This is the land of independent "Do It Yourselfers".  11% of murders committed in California were done with "undetermined" firearms which, I am told, is a euphemism for home made guns.  In Britain they have ver restrictive gun laws and people build and use air guns.  Britain does not have "freedom of the press" and they keep a pretty tight rein on news and statistics released so we don't know how many zip guns, air guns or propane powered guns are used in Britain.  We only know that "undetermined" firearms are being used there.

The United Nations is working very hard against the illegal manufacturing and distribution of firearms.

The harder people work to make guns illegal the more profitable illegal manufacturing becomes.  The more profitable manufacturing and sales of firearms becomes the more investment that manufacturing will draw.

Drug lords have probably already built their own weapon and ammunition manufacturing plants.  The illegal manufacturing of weapons is big business in Africa.

Thanks to morons like Bob Costas.

The more restrictive we make laws the less regulated black markets become.

If you want to ensure, ENSURE, that grade school kids can buy sub machine guns they way they can buy crack cocaine keep making restrictive laws and I guarantee it will happen.

In fact,like all markets the price will probably be driven down by competition and without things like liability to worry about the price of your average street sub machine gun will probably go way down.

Free Market economics based on Demand and Supply rules.  No amount of subjective, unreasonable totalitarianism has or will ever stop it.

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