Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama proves theory of evolution is wrong!

Okay, so you can't prove a negative, but, you can show that the probability of a theory being correct is very low.  Low enough that the probability of it being correct is minuscule.

So how does Obama reduce the probability of the theory of evolution being accurate?

By advocating for laws restricting firearms.

Every time a government passes restrictive laws an unregulated, untaxed black market is created.  The more divisive the laws the more violent the black market.  Alcohol, violent.  Drugs, really violent.

Making recreational drugs legal would help stabilize governments and reduce violence in the United States and many third world countries.  Making recreational drugs legal would reduce enforcement costs and save the lives of law enforcement officers.  Making recreational drugs legal and taxing them would pay the deficit off in 1-2 years.  Making recreational drugs legal and releasing non-violent drug offenders would save billions in prison costs.

So, we keep drugs illegal because we enjoy destabilizing governments, subjecting third world countries to violence and having a public debt so large that it could literally bankrupt the world.

Does this sound like the decision of a fit mind?  Of course not, this is the decision of an unfit mind.  The fact that the United States has been the world super power during the ridiculously stupid war on drugs should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that survival of the unfit is the rule.

It becomes better.

Now Obama wants to expand the black market in firearms by making more restrictive laws!

During the assault weapon ban in the United States manufacturing of assault weapons by individuals and small, unlicensed companies exploded.

Insane, right?  If you disagree you actually prove my point.

When we increased restrictions on alcohol we created a violent black market.  When we increased restrictions on recreational drugs illegal we created a violent black market.

Now Obama wants to repeat the mistakes of the past, increased restrictions on firearms and believe that the world will become a better place the same way it did when we restricted alcohol and recreational drugs.

Repeating the same mistakes over and over is not something a fit species does.  Obama's actions in calling for restrictive firearm laws prove that our species is not the fittest.

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