Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Michigan, Unions and the battle for workers

Back before unions developed the workers in the United States worked as near industrial slaves.  The inheritance laws made it possible for some families to accumulate wealth over generations while other families were stripped of what they had.  There is a Bible passage that supports this, but, only if people insert themselves in the place of God.

Matthew 25:29
For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

That doesn't sound like God alone does the taking, but, this is a parable and it is really about our spiritual connection to God, not material wealth.  In the passages following Christ speaks about the spiritual reality, separating the sheep from the goats.  Some people like to place themselves in the seat of God, separating the sheep and the goats.

One of the reasons God forbids usury, or the charging and collecting of interest, is because God knows greedy people like to strip others of what they have.

One of the few things every person in the world can offer is their labor.  Before unions 12 and 16 hour days were common.  There was no workman's compensation or disability.  There were no retirement benefits.  There were no medical benefits.  Unions fought for those things.

To prevent the spread of unions and "Socialism" the government instituted laws that provided workers with minimal benefits so they would not have to join unions to receive these benefits.  Social Security is one of the government benefit systems designed to protect workers.

Workers are losing benefits.  Workers now have to provide their own medical benefits, this is one of the requirements of the new "Obama Care" law.  Employers are fined about half of what it costs for a health care plan if they do not provide health care so the responsibility for medical insurance falls on the worker.

With Social Security near failing there is no doubt that unions will become popular once again. Unions once fought for retirement benefits, but, when Social Security was implemented worker retirement was insured by the government so workers did not have to join unions.

Over the last twenty years the IRS has worked tirelessly closing "loopholes", really eliminating tax breaks for individuals starting or running businesses from their homes.  These tax laws reduce the potential for entrepreneurship by making it more difficult for people to start their own businesses.

Those that have, corporations and families who already own their own businesses, are favored while people who do not have, those starting out, are taxed out of existence.

Why does our government do this?  Quite frankly greed.

10% of the taxpayers, individual and corporate, pay 50% or more of the taxes collected.  By increasing the income of that 10% the government can make more money than by increasing the income of the other 90%.  The people making up our legislatures are just greedy.

There is a coming labor war.  It will be a violent, guerrilla style war fought between the workers and corporations.  In the beginning it will look a lot like the 1960's and early 1970's left wing terrorism.  Workers will have their rights stripped away and eventually it will become a full fledged revolution.

The United States will become a third world country begging from China, India and Japan.

We can stop this now.  We can pass legislation that supports Social Security.  We can pass a real health care law that provides every person in the United States with health care.

Or we can allow our own greed to destroy us.

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