Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Popular authors determining US political policy

As amazing as this sounds the worst of the propaganda distributed to the world is not in the form of news papers, television shows or internet blogs.

The worst is in the form of books.

Many people in this world prize books. Among many there is a reverence for books and the "knowledge" they contain. This is especially true among the pseudo intellectual crowd.

Books like Chariots of the Gods become reference tools for the next generation of pseudo intellectuals building their propagandized non-knowledge.

Today our Commander in Chief is reading tripe about how the military and the military industrial complex plunged us into Vietnam without understanding what the goals were and how to win the war.

This is a common propaganda.

Military commanders do not start wars. Politicians do. If military commanders and business leaders provided influence to engage in the Viet Nam conflict there is no evidence of it.

Essentially the very idea is really the politicians of the age refusing to take responsibility and blaming their problems on some huge mili-wing conspiracy.

Total tripe, but, the uneducated proletariat fall for this tripe and tomorrow they will be using it as a reference tool just as Chariots of the Gods has become a reference.

Sometimes propaganda and stupidity make me physically sick and knowing that Obama could base his policy decisions on a book that makes as much sense as believing the Illuminati are controlling the world financial markets or aliens crew big pictures in the ground is one of those times.

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