Tuesday, October 27, 2009

$119.00 for a wine glass

I like wine. I am no connoisseur. I just enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening after dinner.

I have a couple of decanters I purchased at the Dollar plus store, a fancy corkscrew gadget I purchased at Costco for $10 bucks (they raised the price to $20 last time I saw it), some wine glass I bought at Ikea, this vacuum pump thing with rubber stoppers that really does help keep a bottle of wine for a few days and this gadget called an aerator that really rocks.

All in all I spent less than $100 dollars on my wine gadgetry. My wife figures I over spent, but, she enjoys the taste of wine after I run it through the aerator so she does not mind.

Tonight I went looking at wine glasses. I just wanted to figure out why there are so many different kinds of glasses and how they might make the wine taste differently.

Essentially I think glasses are a bunch of horse crap. Buy a set of wine glasses and enjoy them, but, it is always worth reading.


I ain't spending $119.00 on a single wine glass.

I bought a set of 4 Waterford crystal wine glasses for a friend for Christmas. I don't mind spending money on stuff for people.

I just ain't spending $119.00 bucks on wine glasses. I will take a drive to Ikea and buy some different wine glasses and test them out. I have a couple of different style and I will test those.

There is this really kewl thing you can buy at the University of California Davis bookstore called the aroma wheel that I think rocks. It helps you train yourself to identify different flavors in the wine.

There are also some pretty expensive kits of stuff to do the same thing.

I like wine. I don't mind spending $20, maybe even the occasional $30 on a bottle of wine.

$119.00 on a glass. Not this high school drop out. I guess I am just too stupid to spend that much money on something I can buy for a buck or two.

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