Monday, September 28, 2009

Google Gadgets, Hot Air and News

I just deleted Hot Air from my iGoogle.

I have been reading Hot Air since it started. The columns are not bad, but they are not that good either and they don't let you post comments unless you know someone. Hot Air claims they only open registration occasionally but I have been a regular reader for the last couple of years and have never seen registration opened.

But my post is not about Hot Air, it is about iGoogle gadgets. I love them.

Getting rid of Hot Air was as easy as deleting my iGoogle gadget. No more outrageous and poorly researched articles, Hot Air has gone the way of CNN, the AP and Reuters. All crud news services that I have deleted because of over propagandizing issues and failing to report accurately and objectively.

Looking at my iGoogle I have Car and Driver, Fox News (becoming a terrible propaganda machine and likely to go soon....),, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC still informing me on important events.

So what will I do when I kick Fox news from my iGoogle for being a propagandist and inaccurate yellow sheet? I will run a search and install a new gadget.

Simple as that.

For some reason the majority of news service managers believe that to make money and gain readership they have to become propagandist and inaccurate. I believe this is why so many news organizations are going out of business.

These morons are focusing on the small vocal minority that read their garbage and leaving the rest of us without news.

Prado. 80% comes from 20%. News services are focusing on propagandizing for that 20% and the rest of us are hunting for good news sources.

Thank God for Google Gadgets because they make getting rid of propaganda and testing out a new information source only a mouse click away.

Sure, the 80-20 rule applies and I will only really like and get 80% of my information from about 20% of the gadgets.

That is okay, The world is not going any where and I can catch up on anything I miss in the first 5 minutes of the story.

P.S. Readers unfamiliar with me might not recognize the sarcasm in my last sentence. The world is not going anywhere AND no one can understand any issue watching 5 minutes of any story. It takes multiple presentations from multiple sources as well as returning to original informational source material.

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