Saturday, October 31, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen: The Movie

I'm an engineer. A manufacturing engineer. Not a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer.

I went to see Law Abiding Citizen tonight. The movie was great right up until the end.

Any moron can run out to K-Mart and pick up a car alarm that will go off when you try and move the car. If you bump it even.

The premise of the movie is that a super genius that designed fool proof killing systems for the CIA has his family murdered in a home invasion by a psycho.

The District Attorney makes a deal with the real killer so the accomplice will get the death penalty.

This pisses off the super genius so much that he spends ten years planning his revenge against the system.

When he puts his plan into action he first murders the people who killed his wife and child. Then he goes after all of the lawyers and judges involved.

The guy does all kinds of super genius stuff during the movie.

At the end the DA moves a bomb from city hall to the geniuses lair and the genius blows himself up.

Because he wasn't smart enough to put a simple car alarm system from K-Mart into his bomb.

I could design a box that would set off a siren if you drilled a hole into it, if you made it cold, if you made it hot, if you moved it, if you even came close to it. I can do all this with off the shelf stuff that I can buy at K-Mart. Thermostats. Tire pressure sensors. Car Alarms. All really simple stuff.

I liked this movie right up until the super genius CIA engineer was dumber than the guy who installs car alarms at Best Buy. Then it was super lame.

I give Law Abiding Citizen 5 farts for being disgustingly stupid.

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