Friday, September 18, 2009

The New American Fasicst

The term fascist was defined by a young communist name Mussolini around the turn of the twentieth century. Karl Marx had determined, and written in his famous Communist Manifesto, that the people or proletariat would never shrug off the shackles of capitalism on their own. Unselfish leaders had to lead the people in a revolution and then force them into communism. Mussolini defined the communist period between revolution and the withering away of the state as the Fascism.

Fascism shares its word root with words like Fact and Feces. Essentially it means to make or force a group or bundle.

Mussolini and his good friend, the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI party and Adolph Hitler), worked very hard to force the world into prosperity and communism. Fortunately for everyone they failed.

Fascists want to make people into something. They are not interested with freedoms that do not agree with their ideology.

Freedom of Religion is acceptable, as long as the religion is whatever the State or Fascists believe it should be.

Accepting people for who they are is great, as long as they fit into the profile that the State or Fascists believe they should fit into.

My nephew once wrote a tirade against religion closing it with ?question everything and accept people for who they are? statement. His wife explained to me that any mention of religion or God was very offensive to them.

Neither of these people questions the idea that they have the right to be free from being offended by ideas that they do not approve of.

They are Socialists and perfect examples of New American Fascists.

Of course they do not consider themselves to be Fascists, they are just exercising their ?Freedom From Being Offended? by attacking and suppressing the ideas and the people they do not agree with.

Freedom Of Speech does not come with a Freedom From Offense. In fact the Freedom to do anything insures that someone will be offended and discriminate against you because of that offense.

Are you religious in some way? Christian, Jewish, Islamic? You will offend fascists and they will call you mentally ill for your belief in a higher power.

Are you a Democrat? People aware of the genocidal history of the Democratic Party in the United States will be offended that you can support a political party responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Fascists will do everything they can to humiliate and degrade you for your supporting a genocidal political party.

Are you White, Black, Indian, Asian, Purple? Your race will offend fascists and they will call you derogatory names.

Your freedom to express who you are will offend fascists.

You will be discriminated against when you offend people.

Yes, it is wrong for people to try and force you into a racial, religious or ideological box. It does not matter what box that is. Different Fascists have different boxes.

The one thing all fascists have in common is their firm belief that they are right and they have the Responsibility to eliminate those who are wrong.

I am an Anti-Democrat. I will be an Anti-Democrat forever. I am an Anti-Nazi. I will be Anti-Nazi forever. I am Anti-Fascist and Anti many other things. I am not going to change my core beliefs.

I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Freedom of Speech (even if I disagree) and Pro-Freedom of Religion and Pro-Freedom of the Press.

I would rather die supporting my nephew?s right to express his fascist viewpoint than suppress his ideology. Not because he is right. In my opinion his beliefs are every bit as delusional and sick as Hitler?s and Mussolini?s. In my opinion if we do not have the right to express ideas that are offensive as fascism we have no rights at all.

I do not degrade people I disagree with. I express my opinion on their support of genocidal political parties or fascist ideologies. I hope that someday people stop supporting genocide and fascism but I am a realist.

Fascists will never believe that they are evil even when confronted and shown how hateful and disgusting their ideology is. Fascists will always blame the messenger for their ?sick? ideas.

How do you know you are a fascist?

Are you suppressing, humiliating or degrading groups of people for their ideologies?

If the answer is no, you are not a fascist you are just expressing an opinion.

Sometimes the line between sarcasm and degradation can be blurred. You have to look at your intentions.

Were you trying to degrade a group based on their race, religion or ideology? Change what you are doing.

Were you trying to help people understand how outrageous, bigoted or fascist their ideology was? You will offend some people all of the time.

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