Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama proves how clueless he is on issues once again

I'm Pro-Choice and anyone who reads my blogs or opinions which are plastered all over the internet knows it.

I am a Christian. God is pro-choice, God invented choice. God gave us rules to cover how to decide the punishment for causing a woman to "lose her fruit" and I believe we need to abide by those rules, and the United States has. That does not make abortion ok and it does not mean that people who have, help or commit abortions miss out on discussing this issue with God on judgment day.

Obama tells us "violence is never the answer". What this dunce in the oval office does not understand is that people who oppose the "murder of innocent children", commonly known as abortion, believe that violence is being done to these children.

Statements like this by Obama only prove how totally clueless about the issues Obama is. The guy in the white house is a total moron and he needs to resign.

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