Friday, January 04, 2013

"hackers", anonymous and fascism

Anyone who has read my blogs knows I can't stand the fascist censorship groups like Anonymous engage in when they attack people whose views they disagree with.  It is just plain wrong.

I'm not perfect though, I do stupid crap too and I really have to applaud these guys for releasing the video of the dork bragging at a party about raping a girl.  Viscerally I don't give a rats ass if these rapists get a fair trial or not.

Hackers prove accused guilty and rapists won't get a fair trail?

I've been attacked by scum bags calling themselves hackers, had my identity stolen, my website trashed, been lied about, etc, all because I present viewpoints that these scumbag "hacker" fascists want to censor.  I have very little use for fascist censors spending their miserable lives hating other people.

However, this time it isn't censorship.  This time it isn't attacking someone whose political, social or economic viewpoints they don't agree with.

This time it is just posting a video one scum bag took of another scum bag bragging about raping a girl.

These guys are guilty, the video proved it.

It is an invasion of privacy.  The evidence can't be used in a court of law.  I am not saying that I believe what this group of fascists did was right.  In fact I think that what these fascist "hackers" did was wrong.

Being human, like being Christian, is not about being perfect.  People do "wrong" things and from an intellectual perspective I know that what these fascist "hackers" did is wrong.

I really don't give a rats ass if they have to take these scum bags to Outer Mongolia and have a trial in a yurt or the darkest Amazonian jungle where the natives don't have their own written language much less access to the Internet.

I'm still glad anonymous released the video and this time I have to applaud their fascist invasion of privacy.

One of the basic premises of a free society is that everyone has the right to privacy and no one has the right to break into someone's "home" and then search and seize whatever they want.  The fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides for an open and lawful process for the issuance of warrants for search and seizure.  Jack booted thugs kicking in doors, searching and seizing is not only illegal it is a fundamental violation of human rights that I find repugnant.

Even so, as much as I hate fascism, I'm glad these jack booted "hacker" thugs committed this particular violation of fundamental civil and human rights.

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