Thursday, January 10, 2013

Biden the moron

Biden is wacked.

What the government is moving toward is the subjective elimination of the Right to Keep and Bare Arms using whatever popular social stratification stereotypes people want to use.

When the right to vote was problematic the Democrats created Jim Crow laws, grand father clauses and other ways to prevent undesirables from voting.  Joe "Bring back Jim Crow" Biden is looking to create a process where subjective opinions about people by "authorities" can be used to take away a persons constitutional rights.

The due process clause will be honored, the same way it was for Jim Crow laws, be allowing the person to challenge the stripping of their civil rights.  It just takes money and a lawyer willing to buck the system.

Think about it for a minute.  Homosexuality used to be classified as a mental illness, when homosexuals were social pariahs.  What group is the social pariah of the future?  What groups are unpopular with liberal demophytes today?

Will your life style or your attitude be considered a mental illness?

I once had a social worker tell me how violent and inappropriate football was.  Will people who engage in and enjoy watching violent and inappropriate sporting events become mentally ill?

Suppose someone is caught at an underground fight, either as a competitor or a spectator?  Will that person be judged "mentally ill" or "potentially violent"?

A persons civil rights should never be taken away with out due process.  In fact, I believe that no persons rights should be taken away without a trial by jury.

Something else Biden is doing is working to create a new deadly black market to replace the black market in recreational drugs.  Making stuff illegal always creates an uncontrolled black market.  When alcohol was legalized drugs were made illegal so there could be a big' violent and lucrative black market.  Now that people are beginning to recognize that we should legalize recreational drugs Biden and the rest of the scum bags in government need to conspire with bad guys to create a new popular black market.  That very deadly and very lucrative black market will be in guns.  I'm sure Biden and Obama and others will make a ton of money from that black market and the deaths the market causes.

Society will always be stratified.  It doesn't have to be, but, people are always looking to pretend they are themselves better than others.  Groups work to oppress each other in constant competition to become the "alpha" group.  It is pretty sick, but, that is society.  We don't have to like it.  We can work to change it (not by pretending we have the right to judge others the way Anonymous and Biden want to) by accepting others for who they are.  We also have to accept the current reality.

The reality is that scumbags like Joe Biden and Anonymous and Al Queda are not going to accept people for who they are.  The inability to work with others and accept others for who they are is exactly what causes most of the social problems in the world.  It isn't just being unable to accept others though, it is a fanaticism and self righteous arrogance to believe that they have some natural authority to ignore the rights of others and shove their ideology down the throats of those people.

Subjective elimination of civil rights, invasion of privacy, illegal search and seizure, ridicule and the spreading of inaccurate and derogatory propaganda about the people that "should" be oppressed.

Open dialogue is important.  A willingness to listen is important.  A willingness to accept is important.

A desire to "fight" and "dominate" is not only NOT required it is the source of all problems in the world.

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