Sunday, January 27, 2013

Entitlement and success.

The United States was built on a tradition of entitlement.  Europeans thought they were entitled to land that was already settled by Native Americans.  Europeans felt they were entitled to the labor of slaves.

The United States government has spent hundreds of years telling other people how to live.  From slavery to forbidding Indians from speaking their language to laws concerning sexual morality to pressuring other nations to accept U.S. policy using economics and threats of violence the United States has behaved much like an entitled and spoiled child.   

Today that entitlement continues in traditions such as eminent domain and authorities taking what they please from citizens.

There is an anti-hoarding law that allows the government to take what it pleases in an emergency.


If the cops want to seize something from someone right now they have to go to a judge to get a search warrant and they are only allowed to seize what is specified in the court order or search warrant.  This is the due process required by the fourth ammendment.

In an "emergency", the "failure to prepare does not constitute an emergency" kind of entitlement emergency, the police do not need a warrant to seize property.

The idea is that people have no right to prepare for themselves and their loved ones because everyone, especially those in authority, are entitled to have what they believe they need to survive.

I expect what will happen eventually is that a national emergency will create a totalitarian system of law where authorities feel entitled and empowered to do what they please.

This is what many hackers do today, it is what Anonymous does.  The difference between guerrilla warfare and being an entitled scumbag is discipline.  Jack booted thugs loot from wherever they please and disciplined guerrilla soldiers don't.

I think the government of the United States is moving more and more toward the "entitled jack booted thugs" and farther way from discipline government.  Others, like Anonymous, believe the same thing and they are attacking the entitled, jack booted thugs using the same rules of entitled elitism that the jack booted thugs have used against others.

Like the United States governments entitled elitists who attack whom they please without fear of reprisals Anonymous has done so in the past, kicking down the virtual doors of the cyber homes of those they disagree with to censor voices and destroy lives.

I don't see much difference between the two, they both have agendas and they are both don't care who they hurt to achieve them.  Both do things I approve of an disapprove of.

Recently though, Anonymous seems to be moving to a disciplined organization attacking specific targets to achieve specific goals.

There is a story of a general who was very strict and an emperor who was very lenient.  The emperor asked the general how to be respected.  The general told the emperor to have people who did not obey him killed.  The emperor became very strict while the general became forgiving.  The people became angry with the emperor and killed him.  They need a strong, kind leader and because the general had become so kind the placed him on the throne.

I don't know if this ever actually happened, but, it sounds good.  If Anonymous, like the general in the story, can become a group people can trust to wield power and authority with discipline and justice, Anonymous could win this conflict because the United States government is corrupt and entitled.

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