Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trouble for Obama

What the United States media is not making popular is that the international news media is not happy with Obama's personal sanctioning of an illegal assassination mission that killed a political and religious leader.

In spite of the media hype and venomous attacks by Democrats against George W. Bush the specific targeting of a political leader is against both international and United States law.

Obama bragged about breaking international and United States law on inter-national television.

This ain't good. In my opinion the BS charge against Clinton and Scooter Libby was crap, yeah, their answers were not exactly the absolute truth but did they deserve to be convicted of a crime? Not in my opinion. Clinton's lies didn't bug me, his calling his lover a "liar and a slut" (approximate quote) pissed me off. I can't believe people were angry at Monica Lewinsky for telling the truth about Clinton.

On the other hand Obama has taken credit for an illegal assassination mission against a political leader.

Imagine the police wanted to arrest someone for being a kiddie molester and child serial killer. The cops bust in a neighbor's door (not the scum bags home) and kill him. How would you feel about that?

Since we (citizens of the United States) were victimized by this scum bag we feel pretty good about "seeing" him dead. On the other hand our neighbors are not feeling very good about the "police".

Personally, I would have reported that Osama Bin Laden was dead, I probably would not have taken credit for "bringing him to justice". I would have just reported that he had been found dead. Good move dumping the body in the ocean. It prevents the creation of a martyr tomb.

What is worse is that the "police" didn't bust in the scum bags door, they busted in a neighbors door without any legal permission and they killed him.

Get the point?

Back in 2003 and 2004 a bunch of us argued about Bush going after Bin Laden, about the legality and the impact. Essentially after a lot of research and discussion we figured out that Bush was taking a reasonable course of action. A lot of people didn't agree. In my opinion Bush made the right call, the specific targeting of a political leader was and is illegal. By waiting until Bin Laden was apprehended during the normal course of military action and with the support of our allies Bush made a call that was legal and reduced allied angst against the United States.

Personally, I would have been happy to pull the trigger on Osama Bib Hiding myself. Personally, I thank the guys who did. Personally I am happy the scum bag is dead.

From an objective political point of view, Obama's murder is an illegal cluster f*ck that will bring a world of justifiable political hurt down on the United States.

There was a pin ball game I used to play in my twenties. When you screwed up it would say, "bad move human". It is a term I have used whenever I see someone make a really bad move.

Hey Obama, bad move human.

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