Friday, May 20, 2011

Screw the 1967 Border!

Nations which attack other nations and then run away, giving up their land don't deserve the land back. Period.

The logic is simple. People who decide that they have the right to take what they want by force do not have the right to get back what they lose to force.

People blame the United States for selling Israel weapons. What a load of crap. The United States sold Saddam Hussein weapons and the United States sold the UK installed Shah of Iran weapons. Hussein couldn't kick Iran's ass even with US support and when Hussein lost that support he didn't just crawl into a hole. The Shah lost big time, even with US support.

Israel kicked butt because Israel kicked butt, get over it. I believe God gave Israel the victory over it's enemies.

As far as I am concerned those who lost land through violent attacks cannot get that land back.

If a scumbag breaks into a neighbors home and the neighbor shoots the scumbag, the family of the scumbag does not get the scumbags burglar tools and gun returned. Get over it.

I don't really care what anyone else says, Israel should not give up any territory. No dispute, no occupied territories. Just Israel.

I don't believe Israel will last. I believe the people who survived the holocaust and who built Israel were devoted to God. I believe the present people of Israel are not focused enough on God and without God the people depend on how well they get along with their neighbors.

Israel can never get along with their neighbors. Their neighbors hate them because they are Jews and for no other reason.

The only way Israel can survive is by focusing on God and all this talk of compromise is not taking care of business.

God spread out the borders of Israel to the location they are currently at, post '67 borders. Giving the land back is telling God that God wasted time giving Israel the victory.


Anonymous said...

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John D. Ayer said...

I really appreciate your comments! For some reason most people believe that Israel took the first strike in the 1967 war and that is absolutely not true as anyone who has studied the situation knows. Israel's neighbors had declared war on Israel and had been at war with them since 1949. Egypt, Jordan and Syria with logistical support from Libya, Algeria and Saudi Arabia began readying themselves on the border in preparation for a massive invasion in force while they conducted guerrilla operations inside of Israel. Rather than wait for the preparations for invasion to finish Israel launched against their enemies driving them from the borders even though Israel was out numbered. Since the Arab nations involved had declared war against Israel previously, had attacked previously and were obviously preparing for a large scale invasion Israel's strike was not preemptive. I am glad that you understand this. A lot of people have been taken in by ridiculous propaganda and even some material supportive of Israel speaks about the 1967 strike as preemptive. Thank you for your KIND words!

John D. Ayer said...

Anyone who does not believe that War existed between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967 is ignorant of the definition of "Armistice" which is a temporary truce during which a peace treaty is negotiated and in 1967 there was no peace treaty between Israel, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. In 1979 Egypt's Anwar Sadat signed a treaty with Menachem Begin. A treaty with Jordan was signed in 1994. No treaty with Syria yet exists so a State of War with Syria is still in effect.