Monday, May 16, 2011

Moronic Internet Psycho Stalkers

I write blogs and post on message boards and as a result internet morons get pissed off at me and stalk me. Oh wonder of wonders, people who can't stand free speech do everything they can to squash the ideas and words of those they disagree with.

They publish all kinds of attacks against me, pretend to be me posting on the internet, in their zealousness for their ideas they ignore facts and the issue to attack me on grammar and punctuation. Morons with no lives.

Many of these morons are atheists and proponents of evolution. This is not to say that many atheists and proponents of evolution are moronic psycho stalkers, just that many of the moronic psycho stalkers I attract are atheists and proponents of evolution.

I assume this is because I often look at things differently from them.

What is hilarious is the hypocrisy of their attacks. Typically these moronic atheist psycho stalkers attack and suppress my publishing facts, opinions and theories regarding the Catholic Church of the Reconnaissance because the Catholic Church “worked so hard” (in their uneducated opinion) to suppress the facts, opinions and theories that they disagreed with.

Get it, they complain about the suppression of ideas while they suppress ideas. They are even worse than the priests of the inquisition who at least gave Galileo a trial lasting 15 years. Yeah, it took 15 years for the Catholic Church, and the opposing viewpoints in the church, to decide in favor of Aristotle. That decision took longer than the two seconds it takes me to piss off a moronic internet psycho stalker.

Galileo is a subject I often get e-mail flames filled with ridiculous crap that anyone with reliable resources or common sense can easily disprove.

Another subject I am often “attacked” over is when I point out that I believe religion had very little to do with mid winter festivals. Mid winter festivals were and are often coated in religion but they were not religious in nature. Mid winter festivals were primarily used by leaders of agricultural cultures to keep the agricultural workers alive through the winter so they could plant and harvest during the next growth season.

It is really amazing how many hypocrites will suppress opposing ideas while at the same time denigrating those who originally suppressed the ideas they believe in.

Darwin was not the first scholar to suggest the idea of evolution. Darwin published well written theories during a time when the idea was gaining popularity. Darwin receives the credit.

Darwin was, in my opinion, an idiot because; he dismissed Negroes as a sub species, he dismissed homosexuality as a generic biological reaction by a defective member of a species and other some other stupid ideas I won't get into here.

So why do I generate so much animosity? Because I call people with really dumb ideas idiots.

Why do I do that? Because helping a child learn through encouragement is a useful skill. By the time a person is an adult and still vomiting out ridiculous propaganda as is it were gospel they obviously are incapable of reason and or education. In other words, an adult supporting Darwinian theories, calling Christmas a pagan celebration or claiming the Church suppressed science is a moron.

Gee, I am really sorry there are so many idiots in the world. I wish these people would open their minds, educate themselves even a little on their opinions and support the free exchange of ideas.

Obviously they won't. When morons stop spouting theories as if they were proved and indisputable facts while doing everything they can to suppress opposing ideologies I will stop believing they are morons. Until then, forget about it.

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