Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gullible Warming, ecology and conservation

Gullible Warming

The scientific proof behind global warming is total crap and any open minded, intelligent person with a reasonable education in science can tell you that.

The theory behind global warming makes sense.

So what is the problem? The problem is propaganda and the gullibility of the average person. Some charismatic nut job like Al Gore runs around and tells everyone the world is ending and people get scared enough to do anything. The next thing you know the world does not end and people ask why.

In thirty years ecologists and conservationists like me will be lumped in with the nut jobs who claimed everyone would need a gas mask by 1990 and we would have another ice age by 2012.

These fricking morons who ride mountain bikes with ?Fight Global Warming? tee shirts and leave their pedal reflectors and water bottles all over the back country for guys like me to clean up are destroying conservation and ecology.

The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that every change in energy creates some heat which is lost to the surrounding environment. Essentially this is the law that prevents perpetual motion.

Flip a bicycle upside down and spin a wheel. It will stop sooner or later. If the bike is well tuned the wheel will take longer to stop because less energy is lost on each revolution. If the bike sucks the wheel will stop quickly. This is called ENTROPY and it is the reasonable theory behind global warming.

Essentially most of our energy conversion devices (gasoline engines, electric motors, etc) waste some energy when we use them. Cars waste about 70% of the energy we put in them. Some things only waste 10%. On average we waste about 50% of the energy we use to ?heat?.

The heat has to go somewhere, into the air, into the water, somewhere.

The more people, the more energy we use, the more heat we generate and the more heat builds up.

So far, this all makes sense.

The problem is when you include climate change. There is not enough data to say that climate change will occur because of waste heat. It makes sense that we should consider the possibility, but, to claim that we will have another ice age in a couple of years is really stupid.

That makes guys like me who want to work on making energy more efficient and the world cleaner look stupid when the world does not end.

I want to see our use of energy approach 95%. I want to see the world reduce pollution. Not because a bunch of morons are afraid the world will end, but, because we all need to work to make the world a better place.

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