Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lying with Data

Recently I decided to "prove" that when the Big Ten wins the RoseBowl the economic condition of the United States improves.

It makes perfect sense, when people in the midwest are depressed over losing the RoseBowl they are less productive and the GDP suffers. When those nutcases on the west coast lose, who cares?

It is not difficult to deliberately misinterpret data and this is the problem with gullible warming and most of the crap that the Democrats support.

When you can't hide the obvious discrepancy in the data you can always hide the data and this is something the democrats are terrific at.

The Democrats are pretending they are being more open in government, and what they are doing is publishing crap data.

Essentially they modify the data available on websites like and to support their stupidity.

It bugs me, but, it is what I expect.

The Democrats started whining about a resolution against a Turkish Government that fell a century ago because of that government's support of a genocide.

When people in the international community pointed out to the stupid Democrats that they had supported multiple genocides in the United States the Dem's dropped that resolution.

Were they open? Did they tell people, "Hey, we supported genocides in the United States in our past, but, we have changed and don't kill people any more."? No, because they hide data they don't want people to see and pretend to be open so morons refuse to look any deeper.

You have to question data and you have to review data in context.

Economic data is more difficult. For example, the comparing the GDP before we switched totally from the Gold Standard to the current GDP is not really a valid comparison.

I think Obama is going to try printing more money next year to pay down the National Debt so it does not go over the GDP.

This will be transparent to international economists and it will toast the US credit rating.

But, the data won't show that to the average person and the democrats will lie about the issue.

Do not trust what any one tells you, review the data yourself!

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