Friday, November 06, 2009

The International Drug War has been created by greedy fascists

There are some people who just want to force others to live the way they think is right. You know the morons. The people who cut others off on the freeway to make them drive slower. The picketers outside abortion clinics. The people who lynched blacks from street lamps in New York City to protest the emancipation proclamation. They think of themselves as protesters trying to make the world better but they are just greedy fascists shoving their agenda down everyone else's throats.

The United States is doing that on an international scale by forcing recreational usage drug laws down everyone elses throat.

This fascism is creating an international drug war that is very similar to the prohibition violence the United States saw in the late 1920's and Early 1930's.

As a nation we need to quit forcing our values down everyone elses throat.

Legalization, regulation and taxation will destroy these markets that criminalization has caused to thrive.

Create taxable jobs and taxable profits the way casinos have. Yes, some people are going to become alcoholics, nicotine addicts, fast food addicts, gamblers and recreational drug users.

People are already all of these things and these people have been placed in even more danger because the drug trade is unregulated and violent.

Our first responders are being killed policing the unregulated recreational drug trade. Innocent people are being killed. None of this is recoverable. Ever.

We can recover some money from this disaster. We can quit pouring money into a bottomless pit and we can begin extracting money from the drug trade in the form of fees and taxes.

Want to end the deficit? Legalize, regulate and tax recreational drug use.

Want to help more cops stay alive longer? Want to create jobs? Want to pay for a national health care plan? Want to force criminals into poverty?

Legalize, regulate and tax recreational drug use.

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