Sunday, November 15, 2009

Changing the face of reality

Over the last several hundred years people have become more and more dependent on the fantasies created by other people than their own fantasies.

For thousands of years people had limited communication and very limited potential to change economic class. Essentially you could be a serf, a soldier or if you were very lucky you could join a religious order.

People attracted to the academic life would be attracted to the priesthood. People attracted to labor became serfs and people attracted to the potential for material success joined military forces.

There were always plenty of ways to combine these various choices, religious military orders for example.

The one constant was that people typically were forced to create their own fantasy lives from their own experiences.

Today we have such a wide variety of international communication systems that we often use to live in fantasy worlds, computer games, books, movies, television, etc, that our imaginations are becoming dependent on the fantasies of others.

Take the time to create your own fantasies. Use your imagination. Do not rely on the imagination of others.

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