Friday, November 06, 2009

Brady Campaign against Guns today came out against arming soldiers

The Brady campaign to disarm US citizens has stepped up it's campaign to eliminate firearms from the hands of all law abiding citizens by attacking the right of the US military to keep and bear arms.

Recently a Muslim Jihadist who was also a Major in the United States Army was sent to an Army Readiness Facility at Fort Hood Texas as part of preparations for being stationed in Afghanistan.

Army Readiness facilities are mental health evaluation centers where soldiers suspected of having personality disorders are sent for evaluation before being stationed in a combat zone.

During his evaluation for mental illness the Jihadist went postal and began shooting other soldiers that were also being evaluated for their mental stability.

"The access to firearms obviously drove this poor, mentally deranged, psychiatrist insane" a crying Brady supporter exclaimed.

The Anti-Constitutional Brady Campaign believes that by disarming soldiers the world will become a much safer place.

"If no one had guns everyone would be happy!" a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Dismantle Constitutional Rights explained.

When asked about people using cars, airplanes, knives, pencils and even toilets as weapons the spokesman told the crowd "We will just have to ban those too!"

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