Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stupid Medical Professionals, Weight Loss and Calories

You ever hear some moron say, "calories in, calories out"?  Meaning people are lazy and don't do enough to burn the calories they take in.

Anyone who says this, meaning people need to burn calories, is a moron.

Anyone with a basic understanding of eating disorders, bulimia (binge and purge) specifically, knows darn well that many people purge using laxatives and therefore metabolism is an important part of the equation.

The proper fricking equation is, "calories in, metabolism, calories out" and metabolism is influenced by a variety of things including Over The Counter laxatives.  Apples are a useful way to, very slightly, increase the pace at which food flows through a person's digestive tract.

Lots of stuff influences metabolism.  This isn't new stuff, but, I just read another dumb post about "Calories in, Calories out."  In this day and age when information on things like bulimia and metabolism are so available it is disgraceful that people spread bullshit like, "People are fat because they are lazy."

Now, there is some truth to that.  Almost anyone can lose weight by reducing their calorie intake to about 1,000 calories a day, but, that isn't about being lazy, that is about being disciplined enough to keep from eating.

Increasing activity is a great way to increase metabolism.  That doesn't work as well as people think.

One of the problems people have when they begin an exercise plan is that they usually lose some weight quickly and then the weight loss drops off and they plateau.  This is because people generally don't change their eating habits and their metabolism quickly adapts to the extra activity.  People often suggest switching things up often so that an individuals metabolism is less likely to adapt, but, that doesn't work great.

When it comes down to it, what matters is heart rate.  When someone starts exercising their heart rate increases and stays increased for a longer time.  As someone adapts to physical activity their heart rate slows during activity and it recovers faster.  It takes more work to achieve the same metabolism effect.

So, why 1,000 calories?  Because 1,000 counted calories is probably closer to 1,250 calories.  Calories of foods are "accurate" within plus or minus 25% and, generally, packaged foods are on the high side.  You wouldn't believe how stupid the FDA testing is.  I wrote a blog about it a while back that described how bad it is, no one read it of course.  The post was techno babble for geeks discussing a left skewed distribution with an n of 10.  Sometimes they actually combine 10 samples, do one test and then divide the total to determine the average.

So people suggesting a diet of 2,000 calories is really suggesting a diet of closer to 2,500 calories.  This is why calorie counting generally sucks for losing weight.  Believe me though, anyone can lose weight if they eat few enough calories.

If you want to lose weight, figure out how many calories you should eat, multiply that number by 0.75 and set your calories at that number.  It is wicked hard and most people aren't going to do it, but, that will generally work. 

Stress screws metabolism up too.  I'm not going to mess with that in this.

Ever see kernels of corn in your shit?  That's because people don't digest corn very well.  That means a chunk of calories in corn are not digested.  All foods are like this.  If you bothered to really inspect your shit you might find bits of masticated and undigested foods.  How much depends on the speed of your metabolism.  Take some OTC laxitives and those chunks will be pretty big.

This is how weight loss surgery works, by messing with the metabolism.  Shrinking the stomach, removing intestines, even lap bands.  They all force changes to metabolism.

Speed, meth, influences metabolism.  Lots of stuff influences metabolism and reduces calorie absorption.

Think of how your body works and quit listening to morons.

So why are they morons?  Because anyone who says this shit isn't thinking.  Anyone in the medical or nutritional profession should have a basic awareness of bulimia so claiming "calories in, calories out" means they aren't using their knowledge to understand.  And if they are too stupid to make the connection between bulimia, metabolism and weight loss they are too stupid to make simple connections with other knowledge they have.  This is why there is so much medical malpractice.

I see this failure to connect information to arrive at an accurate decision a lot, hell, I've done it myself occasionally.  Less and less as I learned how to think.  Schools typically teach deference to authority so people regurgitate crap "authorities" tell them without actually thinking about it.  That sucks, research "deference to authority in education".  There are actually programs at some universities that are trying to "deprogram" students that have been brainwashed by Western education.

That is why so many "educated" people are stupid, they can't actually think.  They can only regurgitate crap their "authorities" spout.  We are seeing a lot of this in politics.  One authority says this and their sheeple start spouting the same crap.  Another authority says that and their sheeple starting mouthing off about that.  Pure stupidity.

You don't have to think to lose weight, but, it helps.  What helps more is understanding metabolism, one's own metabolism in particular.  Lacking that, brute force it on a 1,000 calorie a day diet.  Wicked hard, could be dangerous for some so many people won't recommend that for fear of liability.

I'm a high school drop out with almost no formal education in nutrition or metabolism.  As I've said before, take everything with a grain of salt.  Think before doing.  If it isn't working for you, stop.  Most important, know yourself.

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